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Author Topic: Parity in IT  (Read 843 times)
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« on: August 09, 2002, 11:14:51 AM »

First off, before all the flame posts begin, this is not some male chauvinist rant.  I am not against women having careers in IT by any definition.  I‘«÷ve worked with women in this field for all of my 15 years of experience.  Worked for some and some worked for me.  They were people, not men or women or guys or gals‘«™just people I worked with, some with good traits and skills some with bad traits and skills.  

Having said that, for years I‘«÷ve listened to the news media in general explain the statistics.  You‘«÷ve all heard them, how a woman doing the same job as a man is making much less in terms of base salary.  Ok, no need to dwell on it, as it is fact, not something just invented.  It is generally true, in our society women garner less pay for the same job, and it is something that is perpetually ‘«£being fixed.‘«ō

However, I do think IT is one field where that generalization does not hold true.  Women CAN and DO get the same compensation as men do for the same job.  Again, 15 years working in this field, and never, once, ever have I met a woman doing the same or similar job I am, with the same or similar qualifications, being paid less.  Usually, with jealousy I have to say, they have been making a bit more!  

At the same time, I‘«÷ve seen some women who DO NOT have the experience, skills, or certifications being paid more than myself, or others on the team (meaning both women and men).  One that comes to mind is an NT administrator at a previous job who had been elevated to ‘«£team chief‘«ō in spite of the fact she didn‘«÷t have a single MS cert (she had A+ or something), and had less time in the field (2 years) than anyone else on the team.  One of my co-workers (a brainy brunette female type) said with a catty grin, ‘«£it is because she‘«÷s blonde.‘«ō  

So, at least in my experience, there is some parity in the IT profession.  I have not run into, in 15 years, someone who didn‘«÷t get paid the same based on sex, skin color, religion, or even political leanings.  Bottom line seems to be the ‘«£bosses‘«ō with ‘«£Cs‘«ō in front of their job titles want X to work.  If you can make X work, they‘«÷ll pay you well, weather you wear a shirt or blouse.  

I believe the IT field is wide open for opportunity ‘«Ű work hard and know your stuff, and you‘«÷ll get paid well.
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