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Author Topic: going nowhere fast  (Read 580 times)
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« on: March 09, 2002, 07:19:20 PM »

Going nowhere fast!!  Hello to all,
I really don't mean to start out on a negative note, but I'm feeling pretty stuck and discouraged right about now. I was wondering if any body out there is in my position or has been in the past and can give me some tips on how to get unstuck!Here's my situation; I recently graduated from a 7mo. Network Administation program at a technical trade school which I would have never have gone to had I known the amount of info there was to learn in such a short amount of time.Let me make myself clear. It's not the Network Administation field or the amount of studying or work experience it takes to become a Network Administrator, I can deal with that. It's the fact that I feel like I'm not getting anywhere right now.
First of all, the school I went to claimed to offer the most hands on training of any technical trade school around. Not once did I even touch a piece of networking hardware the entire 7mos. I was there! I only have half of my A+ cert. and my other 5 vouchers will all expire by the end of this summer. The reasons I havn't gotten any further on my certs are due to some personal problems in my life; which I won't go in to, but mainly because I have to do alot of studying in areas that were just skimmed in school. For example; I learned nothing on NT 4.0 in the 7 mos. I was in school. We didn't even touch it, and I know it is part of the A+ OS certification exam. I keep telling myself I'm ready to take the test but I know I'm not. The problem is, I HAVE to work! The one thing I did get from the school is placed in a job. I'm only making $8.00 hr. and I can't live off of that. So now I'm staying at my sisters house and I'm just not happy. I'm so discouraged and I don't know what to do. Don't get me wrong; I'm very grateful that I have a job in the field and a place to live but I feel like I'm going nowhere fast! I've learned a lot working at the job that I have; which by the way is, technical support for a popular brand of networking hardware products. I do have to tell you that I felt like an idiot when I first started the job because I knew nothing about everything that this job consists of, which I should have known. It's not that I didn't apply myself at school or anything like that. It's just that there was so much info to cover in such a short period of time! Trying to work while going to school for 5 hrs. a day, plus my personal problems at the time...I just felt totally overwhelmed with everything. Well, I solved some of my personal problems since then and like I said I'm learning alot at work; it's just that I'm not making enough money to survive and I have to commute an hour and a half to and from work and I just havn't had enough time to study much. I know that I'm getting the experience I need to advance in the field but I really want to get my certs. What I really need is some advice! Has anybody out there experienced this problem that can give me some tips?
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