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Author Topic: Only Fools Rush In  (Read 577 times)
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« on: July 18, 2001, 12:19:56 PM »

Sorry for comming to this forum so late. I will post here just what I posted on another web site. Read carefully because there's a message for FOOLS WHO RUSH IN Sad  
Friday the 13th had nothing to do with it. I DID and my TOO CASUAL a nature did. Two weeks is too little a time for this test. But I thought hey I have the exam questions all I got to do is memorize them and sit in the test. What I believe I did wrong was relied too much on the test sheet by Don‘«÷t get me wrong here nearly all of the questions that I got were from their test sheet BUT I had done nothing but memorize them. AN OPEN CONFESSION just for the benefit of other. I DID NOT EVEN BOTHER TO READ A BOOK. One of my friends had passed the test this way and I thought ‘«£hey if he can do it, I can do it too‘«ō. All I did the past two weeks was memorize the test sheet and go through Cramsession‘«÷s study guide for Exam70-240. That‘«÷s what was ‘«£recommended‘«ō to me and that‘«÷s what I did. Now anyone reading this PLEASE DO NOT DEPEND TOTALLY ON THESE TWO. You have to go through some sort of book‘«™.any publisher I don‘«÷t care. But you have to finish a book (cover to cover) written specifically for this test. Otherwise you might end up like me.

Server was the first test that I got. And it was a piece of cake. Every single question was from the test sheet. Too me it was the easiest test I had taken since NT Workstation.

The second was INFRA. That is a test very much similar to NT‘«÷s TCP/IP exam. Since I‘«÷m good at that I did not have a difficult time during this test either.
After these two I took a break for 10 minutes. What now I wish I hadn‘«÷t done. Because there is only one break allowed or at least that is what I was told. I wish I had kept that option until after the third test.
The third test was Windows 2000 Professional. And it might sound odd but that was far more difficult than SERVER exam. Why? I don‘«÷t know. In fact I want to know why Microsoft has made Professional a tougher exam than Server? Shouldn‘«÷t it be the other way around? It was in NT track.
Anyways I think I did ok with that test too. But I really needed a break after that test. Because I knew what was coming next I just needed to give my tiring eyes a little rest before that. The test was already past two hours and I was really getting sick of staring at the monitor.
I know for sure that it was the last test ADS ADMIN that ruined the whole thing for me. I was very nervous about it right from the very beginning. I knew very little of ADS and cramsession is merely a summary of the whole subject. I should have read ADS more thoroughly. BUT I DIDN‘«÷T.
By the time I got the test I was too edgy to concentrate. The questions were AMAZINGLY long. I did not have a single question for which I did not need to scroll down the page. And not a single NOT ONE I TELL YOU that required ‘«£Chose the Best Answer‘«ō. All of the questions required selecting multiple choices. Meaning if I selected one wrong and three right choices for a question, that still counted for a WRONG answer. Couple these two factors with my weak knowledge of the subject matter and the fact that it was the last test I drew ‘«™ I pretty much knew what was going to happen.
All through the last test I sweated like crazy and had that nauseous sinking feeling. I have never (NEVER EVER) failed an exam in my life and sitting right there I knew I would fail this one. And I did.
Take nothing away from Cramsession and 4exam240; they are good actually both are more than that. ‘«™They are excellent. BUT PLEASE GUYS‘«™. you need to do thorough study before sitting in this test. Especially for ADS.I thought I had memorized all the question and answers. But THAT ONE TEST has such long and twisted questions and equally long and twisted answers that if you don‘«÷t know the subject matter yourself MERE MEMORY WILL NOT GET YOU THROUGH THE EXAM.
I will start taking take the individual exams from 23rd of this month. I will keep you guys posted.
J Adams Sad
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