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Author Topic: Passed 219 today, a case study for u (score - 880)  (Read 927 times)

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« on: May 23, 2001, 03:02:55 PM »


i've passed on 219 today. I have purchased the test preps from

They are providing actual case studies and questions from the MCP tests.

i'm putting a case study from my exam

Hiabuv Toys

Hiabuv Toys


Hiabuv Toys is a medium-sized manufacturer of corporate marketing products. The company designs personalized clothing, glasses, hats, and many other marketing products. It specializes in manufacturing unique items for large companies. The company is acquiring one of its clothing suppliers. This supplier is named Wide World Importers. The supplier is well known and has an Internet presence on its own domain. This domain is named Wide World Importers will operate independently of
Hiabuv Toys.

Problem Statement:

Hiabuv Toys reports that there are too many IT administrators in the domain. Mainframe
administrators with minimal experience have administrator rights to the domain. The company wants to decrease technical support costs by performing all technical support at an IT  center in Detroit.


Hiabuv Toys headquarters is locates in Detroit. There are two separate locations in Detroit one for IT and one of the corporate offices. The IT center has 100 employees, and the corporate offices have 2.000 employees.

Manufacturing Facilities:
The company employs 20.000 people in nine manufacturing facilities in the United States an in two facilities in Canada. Of these 20.000 employees., 9.000 use computers. Manufacturing facil ties are also being built in Europe and Mexico.

The company is divided among the following regions:
East ?3.000 users:
- Boston, Massachusetts ?regional headquarters
- New York, New York
- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Midwest ?3.000 users:
- Chicago, Illinois ?regional headquarters
- Cincinnati, Ohio
- Clevland, Ohio

West ?2.000 users:
- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma ?regional headquarters
- Las Vegas, Nevada
- San Francisco, California

Canada ?1.000 users
- Montreal, Quebec
- Toronto, Ontario ?regional headquarters

The Montreal office will be permanently closed in the near future. Many of the users from this office will be transferred to Toronto. Although the Montreal office is scheduled in close during the Windows 2000 implementation, it might not close until after the
implementation is complete.
Hiabuv Toys is opening offices in Europe. A sales office was recently opened in Frankfurt Germany. Manufacturing facilities are also being built in Mexico. These facilities can be uses by all sales regions. The Company is also planning to open manufacturing facilities in Europe.

Existing IT Enviroment:

Pittsburgh and New York connect to Boston by means of 56-Kbps lines. Boston connects to the IT center by means of a 1.544-Mbps line.
Cincinnati and Cleveland connect to Chicago by means of a 56-Kbps line. Chicago connects to the IT center by means of a 1.544-Mbps line.
San Francisco and Las Vegas connect to Oklahoma City by means of a 56-Kbps line. Oklahoma City connects to the IT center by means of a 1.544-Mbps line.
Europe, Toronto, and Mexico also connect to the IT center by means of a 56-Kbps line.
Detroit headquarters connects to the IT center by means of a 1.544-Mbps line.
Montreal connects to Toronto by means of a 56-Kbps line.
Bandwidth usage is minimal.

Client Computers:
All of the desktop client computers run Windows NT Workstation 4.0. The portable computers run either Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows 98.

There are three Windows NT 4.0 domains: HIABNA, HIABEU, and HIABENG. All locations in Canada, Mexico, and the United States are in HIABNA. Frankfurt is in HIABEU.
There is a two-way trust between HIABNA and HIABEU. All locations use Windows NT Server 4.0 for DHCP, WINS, and DNS. Each location also has a BDC and a separate application server.
However, Frankfurt has a PDC and a BDC for only the HIABEU domain. There is not a HIABEU BDC in North America.
Because of security concerns, users in the engineering department have their own domain. This domain is named HIABENG. The engineering department also provides administration for this domain. They administer all user accounts and resources. HIABNA trust the HIABENG domain.
On the HIABNA domain, password expire after 45 days. On the HIABEU domain, passwords expire after 30 days.
Each manufacturing facility currently uses a mainframe computer to process orders and quotes that must be processed quickly. The mainframe computer uses only TCP/IP.

Network Roles:

Each of the regional headquarters has a technical support staff. The office in Mexico is
managed from the IT Center in Detroit. The locations without network administrators have mainframe administrators. These mainframe administrators also help with domains administration. The mainframe administrators respond to support calls for basic issues and add and remove user accounts. However, their knowledge is usually limited to basic account administration.

Envisioned IT Environment:

Before the Windows 2000 implementation, the 56-Kbps connection to Europe will be replaced with a 1.544-Mbps line.
However, there is no plan to upgrade the 56-Kbps connections to Canada and Mexico.
Wide World Importers will connect to Hiabuv Toys by means of a 256-Kbps line.
Hiabuv Toys wants to continue using the existing IT administrative structure and security
policies for Europe and North America.

Network Roles:
Hiabuv Toys will create two new technical support centers: a North American support center and a European support center. Each region will have a small IT staff that will be
responsible for basic support such as password Resets and account lockout resets. Task that require higher levels of administrative access or more advanced resets and account lockout resets. Tasks that require higher levels of administrative access or more advanced skills will be performed by the European or North American support centers. Support for Europe that takes place after European business hours will be performed by the North American support center. Each support center will also be responsible for granting the staff at each region access to resources as needed. However, the North American and European support centers want complete control of their own resources. The engineering department will remove its domain during the Windows 2000 implementation. The users and resources in this department will be integrated info Active Directory as normal users and resources.

A software development company is in the process of creating human resources software for Hiabuv Toys. This software will be integrated with Active Directory, and it will enable employee management for all of Hiabuv Toys. This software will add additional attributes to user objects. Wide World Importers is also developing similar software. Both software solutions will be implemented independently.

Hiabuv Toys has registered Wide World Importers has registered
Client Computers:
Client computers will be upgraded to Windows 2000 Professional.

Each region should be created in Active Directory as a separate entity. Group Policy can
vary among regions and locations. Technical support staff in each region need to have the
ability to change policies at each location.
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