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Author Topic: Karate and the Art of Networking: Renewing my CCNA  (Read 2393 times)
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« on: December 04, 2008, 02:55:44 PM »

In Karate, I've always heard that the true Masters of the art, are those who become intimate with and master the basic principals of Karate; not those who can kick like Van Damme and Chuck Norris. (unless you are Chuck Norris!)

I believe the same is true in Networking. Mastering and thorough understanding the basic rules that govern how networks behave is critical in troubleshooting outages. I have been in the field for 11 years, and I am guessing I am what you would call a "novice veteran". I say that because, no matter how much I learn, there is always, always someone who knows more, and the technology changes so fast. In the working world, I became caught up with trying to keep my network living, trying to be a superman of sorts and because of this, I let all my certs expire. All except my CCDA. (and Sec+ A+, but Comptia certs NEVER expire).

At first the thought of renewing my CCNA seemed stupid, really. I had already done this seven years ago, and it took me three attempts to earn the right to place the letters after my name. A painful process to say the least. After 11 Years in the field, well known companies and technologies on my resume, why would I want to do this again?

I believe the value of Cisco Certifications is STILL truly great. The CCNA, CCNP has changed a lot in the last seven years - and there is extreme value in not becoming complacant; and going back to rehome, fine-tune and quicken the basic skills of networking. And because I have been doing this as long as I have, I know the new CCNA is not going to be easy. A large part of it is understanding Cisco internetworking, and another large part is understanding the syntax of the tests, (I have found in my experience, on some Cisco tests, that the authors first language was not english - or that the author breaks rules of the language). I have found that sometimes the answer that Cisco wants is different than real - world troubleshooting - so I have to take my reality hat off and sip the Cisco Kool-Aid. Even with all that - it is an endavor that is well worth the effort.

So, yes, I am renewing my CCNA and then my CCNP. Which has brought me back here. Any insight on the exam would be awesome, (while of course staying in the guidlines of the NDA -LOL!) YOur thoughts are appreciated.



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