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Author Topic: 904 pass on CIT  (Read 2427 times)
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« on: November 14, 2005, 08:00:53 PM »

Exactly 1 week after BCRAN, and 8 weeks after starting my studies on BSCI.  Total of 2 months which was mostly day-in and day-out studying.  I'd estimate 100 hours put in to each test (except CIT which I'll get to in a minute).  That's probably the same amount of time I put into the CCNA, but that was over a period of 2 months without ample free-time being part of the picture.

I'm voting for CIT being the most difficult.  It's very challenging to know what to study since you're getting questioned on how to troubleshoot what you just learned from the first 3 tests.  If I was taking the CCNP tests 1-2 months appart, I would have needed much more time with CIT to relearn forgotten info from the other tests.  I didn't take any notes for this test, and instead relied on my previous notes from the other 3 tests.

A lot of people complain about the really short Cisco Press book because it's only a couple hundred pages.  But I think the author covered the new material for CIT very well.  Everything else really comes from remembering the other 3 tests.  The new material was on proper troubleshooting techniques/steps (which is very subjective).  I didn't get very many questions on the general troubleshooting process, but there were a few.

Frame relay was a heavy topic, as well as crypto negotation so be sure you're comfortable with those area's.  Overall you'll see many questions relating to which SHOW or DEBUG command you would use to troubleshoot xyz problem.  If you're using NetSim or real equipment, this is the area you'll want to spend time with for CIT.  The sim completely blew me away because of how easy it was.  I was expecting an elaborate maze of craziness to work through, but it was only a 1-2 minute job.  I did have 2 scenario testlets (short story followed by 4 questions about the story) that were exceptionaly challenging.  I wasn't able to come to a concise conclusion on half of the questions which is never encouraging.  I found that to be true of a testlet on BCMSN as well.  Cisco seems to really pull out all the stops on those questions.

In terms of what was missing; NAT, IPv6, route-filtering, multicast, and ISDN were all counted absent.  Your results may vary of course.

Turning my MCSA2000 into an MCSE2000 might be next if I get really bored.  But I'm having too much fun with the little guy in my avatar to think about that right now.:p
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