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Author Topic: Hoooooo's notes  (Read 1090 times)
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« on: February 06, 2000, 04:48:00 PM »

I passed Proxy with 800ish, it was 68 questions in 90 mins. I used half of that.

Cnequizer, easycert, and sybex all had a handful of test questions in them.

This is a compilation I used to help study for the test, the questions marked with "##" means that they were on my test or that the question was close enough that you need to know the answer to answer the test question. Thanks to the previous dumpers where some of this material came from (sorted for easier reading and corrected on some errors). Check these for yourself for accuracy.

##1. You have a LAN with Proxy 1.0 and you would like to implement Proxy version 2.0 but you want the same configuration. What should you do? Select 2 answers

use the Server Back up in Service tab. use the Server Restore in Service tab.

##2. You implement a proxy server on your network. How many licenses will you need?

one license for the server and one for each client one license for the client and none for the server one license for the server and none for the client *

3. A question that gives you a LAT and IP addresses for the external NIC, Internal NIC, and the gateway... and the question is which source IP will be redirected to the Internet.

The address of the external NIC.*

4. A display of a proxy, router , your LAN, you have the router between your proxy and your LAN, the router configured to allow only HTTP(80 port) to pass. If you use the web browser, which protocols can you use?

Answer ΤΗτ HTTP, FTP, Gopher, HTTPS, SSL

(Since the router is between the Proxy and the LAN, it will allow only requests, which go through HTTP, port to pass to the Proxy. In the proxy where the Web Services is run, it will use all the web protocols that are required by the URL.

5. Which admin utility would you use to remotely administer the proxy server?


##6. You have installed a Netscape Navigator or IE 3.02 on a Unix machine. How can you enable Netscape Navigator to use the Web Proxy Service?

Go to Netscape. From Options, Preferences configure the IP address & specify the DNS name & using HTTP, FTP or gopher.

##7. You need to make a list of most frequently accessed sites? Which services must you enable logging for

Web Proxy Services Win SOCK Proxy Services (if your clients use windows based OS such as NT, 95) OR

c. SOCKS (in case of non windows based clients such as Unix , Macintosh )

##8. You install Web Proxy service on a computer named Comp1. Access control is enabled for the Web Proxy service. What must you do before users can access the Web proxy service (Select 2)

a. create account in the Microsoft Windows NT Domain b. grant permissions to users * c. grant permissions to IUSR_Comp1 d. restart the proxy computer *

##9. Which Proxy Server service or services can use on-demand dialing to access the Internet.

a. Only Web Proxy service b. only WinSock Proxy service c. only the socks service d. both Web Proxy service and the WinSock Proxy service but not the Socks service e. all the three server services *

##10. Your company's central office maintains an FTP site for distributing files to users. You expect that each file will be downloaded multiple times by various users at each branch office. You want to improve the performance over the low bandwidth links between the offices. Which service can you use to improve the performance of the client computer?

a. Web Proxy service * b. Winsock Proxy service c. socks Proxy service d. FTP

##11. You want your Proxy server computer to dial the Internet on demand. What must you do? (Select 2)

a. Create a dial-up entry in the Dial-up networking phonebook on the Proxy server * b. Create a RAS protocol definition in the WinSock Proxy service protocol list c. Configure autodial in the Proxy server service by specifying the phonebook entry and corresponding ISP account credentials * d. Configure the client computer on your network to use only the WinSock Proxy service

##12. For security reasons, you want to make sure that client computers on your network cannot use Microsoft Exchange client software to access the Internet. What must you do to prevent Exchange client software from using the WinSock Proxy service? (Select 2)

a. add the line disable=1 in the [MAPISP32] section of the MspClnt.ini * b. add the line disable=0 in the [MAPISP32] section of the MspClnt.ini c. add the line disable=1 in the [EXCHNG32] section of the MspClnt.ini * d. add the line disable=0 in the [EXCHNG32] section of the MspClnt.ini

##13. You install Proxy Server on a computer that has a single network adapter. You then install RAS and configure a modem as a dial-up connection to your ISP. What should you do to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to your intranet? (Choose 2)

a. disable the WINS client on the dial-up network adapter * b. disable IP forwarding * c. add a packet filter for DNS lookup d. add the dial-up network adapter IP address to the LAT e. install PPTP

##14. You install proxy server. What should you do immediately after rolling out Proxy server on your network? a. Construct a new LAT b. disable DHCP c. disable the default plug-ins d. establish a performance baseline using NT performance Monitor *

##15. You are installing Proxy server in a corporation that has 15 branch offices linked with 56-kbps lines. The central office accesses the Internet by using two T1 lines. Which Proxy server feature can you use to minimize response time?

a. packet filtering b. reverse hosting c. reverse proxying d. hierarchical caching *

##16. Your corporate TCP/IP network uses Proxy server for Internet access. You install a TelnetD server application on a Microsoft Windows NT computer on your internal network. What must you do to enable remote Internet users to gain access to the TelnetD server on your internal network?

a. edit the on the TelnetD server computer b. create a custom WspCfg.ini file and place it in the directory where the TelnetD software is installed * c. create a custom WspCfg.ini file and place it in the MspClnt directory on the TelnetD computer d. configure TelnetD to use Proxy server

17. You install a new application into your proxy server. When you try to use an application that was previously installed it no longer works. What should you do to get both applications to work?

Create a section in the mspclnt.ini file for the application Install the application into a different directory

##18. Your corporate network uses Proxy server for Internet access. You want to monitor the cache hit ratio so that you can keep it at the optimal level when more users are added to the internal network. What tool should you use? a. Network Monitor b. SOCKS Proxy service logging c. Web Proxy service logging d. Performance Monitor *

##19. There are 30 Microsoft Windows 95 computers on your corporate running Novell Netware 16-bits client software. TCP/IP is not installed on these computers. What must you do to allow the users of these computers to use Microsoft proxy Server 2.0 for Internet access?

a. move NWLink IPX/SPX compatible transport to the top of the protocol binding order on the Proxy server computer b. specify the Auto frame type on each Windows 95 computer c. install GATEWAY SERVICES FOR Netware on the Proxy server computer d. install Novell Netware 32-bits client on each of the 30 Windows 95 computers *

##20. You reduce the Web Proxy cache size on drive C on a Proxy server. What is the best way to immediately free up disk space on drive C?

a. Manually delete the contents of the \Urlcache directoryb. b. Restart the Web Proxy service * c. restart the proxy server computer d. set the cache size to zero for drive C and the set cache size to 500MB

##21. A Proxy server computer is added to your corporate NETBEUI network. Working from the Proxy server computer, you can browse remote Internet sites but users on the internal network complain that they cannot. What is the most likely reason for this?

a. Proxy server does not support NETBEUI * b. WinSock Proxy Client is not installed on the client computers on the internal network c. Web browsers on the client computers on the internal network are not configured to use Proxy server d. access control has been enabled during installation of proxy server, and no users have been assigned any access permissions e. domain filtering is enabled in proxy server and access is denied to all Internet sites

21. While you are trying to assign hard disks to the Web Proxy cache during the installation of Proxy server, you notice that some of the drives that appear in the Microsoft Proxy server dialog box are dimmed. What is the most likely reason for this? a. the drives that appear dimmed do not have enough free space for caching b. the drives that appear dimmed are formatted using FAT* c. some older versions of hard disk drives are not supported as Proxy server cache drives d. only physical drives can be used for caching. Logical partitions appear dimmed

##22. On a Proxy server computer, which tool or utility is used to add a packet filter a. Internet Explorer b. Internet Service Manager * c. Internet Information Server d. Control Panel

##23. What is indicated by the value of the Total Actively Refreshed URLs counter in Performance Monitor? a. the number of cached URLs that were refreshed before being returned to clients b. the number of cached URLs that need to be immediately refreshed to prevent expiration c. the number of cached URLs that have been automatically refreshed from the source Internet sites * d. the number of URLs that have been automatically cached in response to client requests

##24. Your corporate network uses Proxy server for Internet access. How do active caching options affect the Time-To-Live (TTL) value of cached objects? a. TTL values are greater when the Faster User Response Is More Important (more pre-fetching) option is selected * b. TTL values are less when the Faster User Response Is More Important (more pre- fetching) options is selected c. the cached objects are fresher when the Fewer Network Accesses Are More Important (less pre-fetching) option is selected d. TTL values are greater when active caching is disabled

##25. You install Proxy server on your corporate network. In the client installation / configuration page, you enable an option to configure Web browsers by using an automatically generated configuration script. What is downloaded to the Web browser on the client computers in your network? a. JavaScript script * b. Perl script c. the Local Address Table (LAT) d. the Mspclnt.ini file

26. There are 500 client computers on your corporate network. A Proxy server provides Internet access. What is the minimum requirement for disk space that is allocated to the Web Proxy cache?

A 100 MB B 250 MB C 350 MB * D 450 MB E 500 MB

##27. Your Office has 80-100% Internet usage during business hours, and 10-30% usage during non business hours. You want to make the performance better, what should you change .( choose 2) A. Updates are more important B .Equal importance C .Fewer network accesses are more important (more cache hits). * D .Active Cache :Faster user response is more important (more pre-fetching). E .Active Cache :Equal importance F .Active Cache :Fewer network accesses are more important (more cache hits). *

##28. The cache filtering of the proxy server is:* not cached*  cached

a. All the files under  is not cached * b. Only all the files under the  are cached. * C .all the files under the  are not cached. D. nothing is cached

##29. The external NIC card dose not have a setting for the default gateway. If the user visits an object what will result? A. If the object is in the cache , it will be successful, if not it will be failed. * B. Both will successful. C. Both will failed. D .others

30. The Win311 user want to visit the application on the Internet, they said every time they visit the application, they must insert the username and password, they don't want to do it each time. A. Have an open an application all the time.

31. Your LAN has MS Exchange and uses Internet Mail Connector to receive email from the Internet. You install Proxy Server, and now IMC doesn't work. How do you fix? (Select 2). A. Install MSP Client on Exchange Server computer. * B. Create a [msexcimc] section in mspclnt.ini. Add ServerBindTCPPorts=21 to the section. C. Add wspcfg.ini to the directory where msexcimp.exe is installed. Create a [msexcimc] section in the file and add ServerBindTCPPorts=25 * D. Enable web publishing <and a bunch of other stuff that is wrong> E. Modify the DNS MX record to point to Exchange computer instead of Proxy Server.

32. You install Proxy Server with defaults. PS Client installed on all clients. Clients need Internet & RealAudio access. A. Configure RealAudio client only to use Web Proxy B. Configure Browser not to use Web Proxy * C. Configure both to use Web Proxy D. No action required. Defaults will allow access.

33. How to prevent NBTSTAT utility from seeing NetBIOS name table on Proxy Server computer (select 2) A. Disable workstation service on external adapter B. Disable NetBIOS on external adapter * C. Disable RAS on external adapter * D. Enable Access Control on Winsock Proxy E. Enable Packet Filtering

##34. All clients use Web Proxy. Basic authentication is enabled. Proxy Server is name COMPUTER1. Client attempts to access  Basic authentication only enabled on this site. Which credentials are used? A. The username/password supplied by the user when No-Authorization header returned by site. * B. Username/password used to access Web Proxy C. IUSR_COMPTER1 and its password D. None, this method is not supported.

##35. Exhibited is a table of your interfaces you have on your proxy server. What addresses should be in you LAT. Interface Address Subnet mask External Internal - - - * - and -

##36. Your Proxy server also acts as a WINS server for your local network. You don't want remote users on the Internet to access your network.

Disable the external interface Remove the network address of the external network from the LAT Disable the WINS service Disable wins resolution from the external interface ?ƒ

##37. You needed to change the size of your cache for web proxy to free up space on your hd. What could you do to immediately have the changes take affect.

Restart the proxy server Restart the Socks service Restart the Web Proxy service * Do nothing

38. Remember that if you have IPX/SPX clients in your network, you have to bind NWlink IPX/SPX protocol in the internal NIC of the proxy.

39. You have Unix , Win95 , WinNT clients in your network. You want to prevent Unix clients from Accessing IRC. What's the best way to do it? ----> in SOCKS service properties, deny access to TCP port 6667. *remember that if you want to prevent Unix client you 'll do it from SOCKS , but if you want to prevent WINNT or WIN95 clinets from Win Socks service properties.

40. In monitoring, what would you use to determine where the SMTP traffic is coming from? --->Network monitor. Tip: anything to monitor from external NIC--> use Network monitor because it captures packets. and any thing related to your internal LAN---> performance monitor.

41. You have multiple proxy servers in your LAN, what must you do in order to collect information about all servers in one location? ---->Configure the proxy to log to SQL server, share it among all servers.

42. You have IE 3.02 installed in your Clients, it is configured to automatic client Configuration script. How can you disable it? ---->IE on the client, Advanced.

43. Suppose you have CARP servers in your LAN (in array), and in your clients You configure IE to use Automatic configuration. How many hop will be there to find the URL in case of Web browser request? ---->one only ( but if you don't have Automatic configuration, it will be 2 hops)

44. Your employee frequently accesses Web Pages ( let's say for example*  ) what should you do to optimize the response time when internal users request these pages? --->Create Cache Filter for this site URL ( www.* ), and set the filter status to always cache.

45. You need One proxy Server for every 2000 users ( For Large Business) You need One Proxy Server each 1000 users ( if you are an ISP with simultaneous dial-up connections )

46.What should u do to determine whether you need to add more proxy servers ( members) in your array? ---> Use Maximum User Counter in Performance Monitor.

47.what should you do in order to retrieve the latest version of URL request from the internet? ----> Disable cache. (or use F5 in IE)

48. the Administrator of your network attempted to view the hard disk counters in the performance monitor but , he can't see any counters although the disk is accessible every time. What should you do to solve the problem? ---> you have to log on with an administrative permission, run DISKPERF command and restart.

49. You have a problem in your LAN, users can not access remote URL but they can access local ones. What is the best way to solve it??? ----> Specify DNS server in the Proxy Server. ( always remember that you can not specify the external IP address of the server in the clients because this breaks the security)

50. How can you prevent external users from viewing NetBIOS names, if WINS server is installed in your LAN? ---->Enable Packet Filtering, or Unbind all NetBIOS services from the external NIC for the proxy, or Disable unnecessary services such as RAS, SERVER....)

##51.Suppose you have a main and a branch office in your LAN, in the main office you have packet filtering enabled & RAS, in the Branch office there are PPTP clients. Both networks use RRAS and PPTP to communicate. How will you configure Packet Filtering?

a: enable predefined PPTP Receive Filter

b: enable predefined PPTP Call Filter

##52. What's the minimum Amount of RAM required for 2000 clients? --->64 MB. Remember that you need 32MB of RAM for small LAN (up to 300 clients) and 64 MB of RAM for meduim LAN ( up to 2000 clients ) and for large LAN (ARRAY MEMBERS) you need 64 MB of RAM in each member.

##53. What do u use to see if the content of the cache is optimally configured? ----> Cache Hit Ratio (use it to ensure that the current cache size is satisfactory).

54. To update cache objects during less busy hours ---> enable active caching.

##55.. Suppose you have Proxy servers in Array in your LAN , what's the best way to define the proxy Server in array to use DNS on the internal Network? --->Create separate A resource record containing the array's DNS name and separate IP address for each member.

56. If you check the Performance monitor and you see everything is OK, what should you do to improve Performance? --->Increase the amount of Content cache size.

57. how do you improve the cache Hit Ratio? ---->ensure that the most popular objects are cached. a. enable Fewer Network Access Are More Important (more cache hit) b. Increase TTL. c. Increase the cache size. d. specify the limit the number of cache. (all of them improve the cache hit ratio)

58. In your network, you have exchange servers in several computers in the internal Network, you have Internet Mail Service ( IMS ) in the exchange services. How should you configure the proxy server to enable internal users to send and recieve mail from the internet? Select 2 Answers ---> In each exchange computer, add the external IP of the proxy server. ----> Each DNS with the exchange server, add DNS server for the internet & MX resource record & Resource record specify Proxy server as mail server.

##59. You install MS Proxy with 2 NICs ( one to the Intranet, the other to the Internet) after restarting the proxy you've got the following message: " Duplicate names exist on the network

a. The adapters have same MAC addresses

b. Same IP addresses

c. The Ips are not in LAT

d. NetBeui is bound on both adapters *

##60. All users in an NT Domain use Web proxy to access any site on the Inet,Auth method Is NT/CR they have no problems, Only Sophie gets a "Access is denied" message. What's the reason?

a. Sophies browser doesn't support NT/CR

61. Users complain that the only way to reach a site on the internet by writing its IP address

62. There is no DNS server configured in the TCP/IP preferences

##63. You want to pay attention how many users are ACTIVELY using your Proxy. How can find this

Choose two

1 Proxy Log

2 Event Viewer

3 Performance Monitor *

4 Current Sessions dialog box *

64. You want to log to a database the packet filtering log and the Web Proxy Log. What should you do first? (Choose two)

Create one table for both * Create one table for packet log Create one table for Web log Create a DSN *

65. Cache 90%, NIC output queue =1, NIC Byte Total/sec=1Mbps, CPU time=80%, What components do you have to upgrade: (Choose two)

Install a Stripe Raid * Install two NICs Upgrade to four CPU system Upgrade to 128 MB of RAM *

##66. You have 3 locations A, B and C the connection between them is T1, A has a T1 connection and Proxy Array to the Internet, B has a single proxy server and T1 connection to the Internet. You want to implement Proxy servers to location C. How are you going to configure it?

A: Primary route to A, Backup to B

##67. You have two Proxies Proxy1 and Proxy2, Proxy1 is configured to have an upstream route to Proxy2. How can you configure it to work if Proxy 2 fails

A: Configure Backup route to Dial up

68. You are considering of installing a second proxy server and configure an array. What would you increase if installing a second proxy server? (choose 2)

Latency Reliability * Bandwith Performance *

##69. You have Win95 clients with WinSock enabled. The only protocol, is IPX/SPX. How should you specify the Proxy in the client Installation/configuration windows : a - by the MAC address b - by the Proxy IPX node c - by the host name d - by the NetBIOS name e ΤΗτ DNS name

Ans is D. Transcenders says: "Web browsers should be config'd to comm with Proxy Server by using the IP add of the internal NIC of the Proxy Server. If the PS Netbios name is used the browser will use the Winsock proxy service, but will not be able to take advantage of the content caching feature of the Web Proxy service. An IPX add cannot be used to config Web browsers.

70. How can you disable cacheing for large objects?

71. IPX/SPX network, Cern-compl browser, how to enable user to use Web Proxy to gain internet access? a. Config browser to use ipx add of PS's int NIC. b. Config browser to use an IP addr of PS's ext NIC c. Config browser to use PS's DNS name d. Config browser to use IP add of PS's int NIC *

72. Enable internal pc's to use ipx/spx and WinSock service - how do you config settings in the Client Install.Config box on the PS? a. enter NetBios name of Proxy Server in Computer Name b. enter an ext ip addr of the PS in IP Address c. enter an internal ip addr of the PS in IP Address d. enter the ipx addr of the PS in IP Address Ans: A via Transcenders b, c and d wrong because no addr can be manually specified once you have selected IP Address. In "Computer Name" you can also specify the DNS name, if a DNS server is present on network.

73. Nt and Win95 computers, you want to stop users from using IRC application. How? a. Add IRC section containing the Disable=1 line in Mspclnt.ini file on PS. b. Remove IRC protocol def from Protocols page in WinSock properties c. Enable access control in Winsock service prop's and don't grant perms for Unlimited Access and IRC protocols. d. Enable dynamic packet filtering.

Ans: C

##74. WfW users complain that each time they try to start an application that uses the WinSock Proxy service, a domain credentials box appears. Why? a. the app doesn't support Win NTCR b. wfw users do not have valid NT accounts c. the app is not running continuously d. wfw computers are configured as netWare clients

not A because Domain Cred box is displayed by the OS, not the app. Not d obviously. Only things left are B and C.. I choose C.

##75. User complains he can't get the most recent version of a web page from Internet, he keeps getting a web page with yesterday's info. Why? a. default gateway has been incorrectly specified on the PS b. DNS server's IP addr has been incorrectly specified on user's pc c. Access control for the Web Proxy service has been set so the user has been denied access d. Dynamic packet filtering has been enabled.

Mostly likely ans is A - if gateway has been accidentally changed incorrectly, then all or most sites will be unreachable and only cached copies of requested pages are returned until the TTL's expire.

76. For internet access, your network uses 5 proxy servers that are in an array. All users on the network use CERN compliant browsers that support JavaScript, Browsers are set to use an automatically generated script to route client requests to Proxy Server. Counting each access to a PS array member, how many hops does the client's request make before object is returned? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 e. 5 Ans: a. When browser is configured to use auto-generated routing script, it routes each request to array member that will handle request best. That member either has the object in cache, or will store the object once returned by a remote server on the internet. Thus only one hop involved. (This needs checking)

77. IPX/SPX network, Cern-compl browser, how to enable user to use Web Proxy to gain internet access? a. Config browser to use ipx add of PS's int NIC. b. Config browser to use an IP addr of PS's ext NIC c. Config browser to use PS's DNS name d. Config browser to use IP add of PS's int NIC *

78. Nt and Win95 computers, you want to stop users from using IRC application. How? a. Add IRC section containing the Disable=1 line in Mspclnt.ini file on PS. b. Remove IRC protocol def from Protocols page in WinSock properties c. Enable access control in Winsock service prop's and don't grant perms for Unlimited Access and IRC protocols. d. Enable dynamic packet filtering.

Ans: C

##79. What tool should you use to gather info useful to improving cache hit ratio? a. NetMon b. Perf Mon c. Web Proxy service logging d. WinSock Proxy service logging

Ans: C. You analyze web proxy serv logs to find out which URLs are accessed most, and create cache filters accordingly. Had this one in the exam.

##80. You want to connect 2 corp networks over Internet using PPTP and RRAS. Main and remote branch. Main is connected to Internet thru Proxy server with packet filtering enabled. Users at remote branch will use PPTP Client to connect to RRAS PPTP server at main office. RRAS installed on the PS. How to config packet filtering? a. Enable predefined PPTP Call filter b. Createa custom filter for TCP port 1025 c. Enable predefined PPTP Receive filter d. Disable dynamic packet filtering

Ans: C. RRAS PPTP server listens to port 1723 (not 1025); RRAS PPTP client can only be used when installed on a PS that is directly connected to the Internet. If packet filtering enabled on the PS, then PPTP Call filter must also be enabled. Had this one in exam

81. A question on monitoring the hard disk. you add counters but do not see any activity Ans: Run Diskperf -y Reboot the server

82. What the services supported by Unix and Mactintosh clients Ans: Webproxy Socks Proxy 83. You are logged on locally to the Proxy server, you want to enable packet filtering. Where do you do this? Choice 1. a. Some crap b. Internet Service Manager * c. More bullshit. d. WSPPROTO.exe

84. I also got a question showing three different Ip addresses for example External Ip : Internal IP : Default Gateway:

What IP will the packet from the client show when the Proxy server sends it to the Internet

85. Reverse hosting and reverse proxy combine to secure Web publishing

86. Your network uses Web and WinSock proxies. You have configured LAT already and can bet your bottom dollar it is correct. Client is set up in the following way: it has WinSock client enabled, its web brouser is configured to use a Web proxy independently of that. How client will connect to Internet site? (Choose one)

1. It will use Web proxy if this client's IP is in a LAT; 2. It will use WinSock proxy if this client's IP is in a LAT; 3. Regardless of its IP and LAT, client will connect to the Internet site through Web proxy; 4. Regardless of its IP and LAT, client will connect to the Internet site through WinSock proxy.

87. Access control is enable on HTTP and FTP , the following right is Assigned:

Dep1 Dep2 HTTP X X FTP X Joe belongs to both dep1 and dep2, what protocol he can access.

88. Your clients use IE3 and access the web thru web proxy service. You want clients to be able to access ONLY *.gov (government) sites. How to (choose 2):

(a) actively cache *.gov (b) Enable domain filtering, select 'Granted' by default. (c) Enable domain filtering, select 'Denied' by default. (d) Add an exception filter that grants access to *.gov. (e) Add an exception filter that denies access to *.com.

What made this tough was that in domain filters (unlike cache filters), asterisks are not allowed. Hence the obvious choice c+d was no-no. I sighed and selected a+c. But better check this one yourself.

89. Had a question about 12 different LANs connected via a backbone and a Proxy Array serving all their requests. Performance is slow. How can you improve this?

a. Install 12 proxy server (one on each subnet) and configure them to use the array

Good luck, Hoooooo


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Had to put a comment here so it would push it to the top of the stack. This is the only braindump I have seen on this topic.

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