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Author Topic: QOD 293 er... 294? Group Policy question  (Read 683 times)

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« on: November 11, 2004, 07:01:27 PM »

Here's one that could use some clarification:

You are a Network Designer. You are working on the design of a network that is primarily running Windows 2003. Your design focus is on the network infrastructure. By creating a script that automates service pack application and have this script run by a GPO that is linked to your servers, which of the following can be achieved (Choose all that apply)?    
A) service pack installation is automatic on all servers   
B) service pack installation can be completed without human intervention    
C) admin effort is minimized   
D) network traffic is optimized

Correct answer is: ABC   

By using this way of applying SP, admin effort is minimized as everything is automatic. However, a large part of this process is done over the network, which will consume network bandwidth. According to the technical information found in MS KB, Group policies are a set of configuration settings that a group policy administrator applies to one or more objects in the Active Directory store. A group policy administrator uses group policies to control the work environments for users in a domain. Group policies can also control the work environment of users with accounts that are located in a specific OU. In addition, group policies can be set at the site level, using the Active Directory Sites And Services snap-in. A group policy consists of settings that govern how an object and its child objects behave. Group policies allow a group policy administrator to provide users with a fully populated desktop environment. This environment can include a customized Start menu, applications that are automatically set up, and restricted access to files, folders, and system settings. Group policies can also affect rights that are granted to user accounts and groups.

Theprofessor comments:

Several points to raise here:
1. This is really a 294 question.

2. Much could be made of the use of the word "scripts" (implying login/startup). However, I think QOD is attempting to get at software deployment here. In either case the question of exactly when the servers would receive the service pack is problematic. If the service pack is assigned in the Computer Configruation section of a group policy (affectionately knows as a GPO - Group Policy Object), it will be installed the next time the computer starts up. How often are you supposed to reboot a server?

3. Oh, and one more thing, group policies cannot be linked to servers, only Sites, Domains or Organizational Units.

QODs explanation, while technically correct, does not really address the question. However, the question itself is really a pretty good it just has wording problems.

If the question had specified software other than a service pack (anti-virus software is a popular choice) and specified workstations (Windows 2000 or XP because they understand group policies) rather than servers then it would have made more sense. Also rather than saying that the policy is "linked your servers," it should have stated that the affected computers are all in a particular Organizational Unit (OU) and the policy is linked to that OU or that the policy is linked to the domain.
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