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Author Topic: Advice Needed  (Read 3329 times)
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« on: September 20, 2004, 03:00:50 PM »

Hi IT Career Women,

I recently completed a contract in NYC and have moved to New Jersey. I am looking for work in Northern New Jersey now since I don't really want to travel to Manhattan.

I have had 6 interviews in the last 3 months but received no job offers. I'm sort of a "Jane of all trades" in that I have used most all programs (straight ASP, not .NET, has been my specialty). I am considering a certification. Ultimately I would like to get into database work...

I am hoping that I can get some advice on how to proceed.  Any advice is very, very deeply appreciated!

Thank you,
... Anne

I have a detailed resume (which I have pasted to the very bottom of this post), but I think it looks too overwhelming, so I am posting the simplified one here and, focused on formatting it better, instead:

Languages: C#, Java (J2EE, JSP, Servlets), Visual Basic, Visual Basic.NET
Scripting: ASP/.NET, ADO/.NET, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, SOAP, SQL, VBScript, WSH, XML, XSLT
Databases: Access, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase
Offline, Graphics & Other: IIS, MS Office, MS Project, Photoshop, Tomcat, Windows, UML, UNIX

Recent Work
First Data Corp./Concord Financial Technologies, New York, New York
Senior Web Engineer, 2004

--Revised & developed internet ecommerce debit card site, improving client relations, satisfaction and profits:
--Customized Certegy Gift Card and VisaBuxx sites for various banking institutions, increasing pool of users:
--Designed & coded system MS batch scripts, facilitating quick and accurate user and web administration.

Independent Contractor, New York, New York
Web Developer / Mentor, 2003-2004

--Designed & developed .NET portal, report, time-tracker & commerce applications and web services.
--Developed J2EE web applications, web services and web service consumers.
--Mentored in web design & development.

AIG SunAmerica, Los Angeles, California
Web Developer / Analyst, 2002 2003

--Served as hands-on team lead developer, user-interface specialist, part-time analyst for Internet redesign:
--Conducted requirements sessions between business-users & technologists; wrote resulting specifications.
--Worked with quality assurance members to ensure accurate & timely roll-out of the Internet redesign.

Universal Studios Music Group, Los Angeles, California
Web Developer / Analyst, 2000 2001

--Designed & developed web-based application for creating & routing travel authorization requests.
--Pro-actively proposed & developed interactive web-based reports to track processes and application usage.

GMAC Residential Funding, Los Angeles, California
Web Developer / Analyst / Technical Writer, 1997 1999

--Served as business analyst & technologist, designing & developing a Y2K-compliant intranet application.
--Originated & designed intranet and extranet for Investor Services Group.

University of California, Santa Cruz, BA, Political Theory & Languages (French, Spanish, Russian, Computer C, Logic, Pascal, 4 years UNIX)
Graduate Study: .NET Framework, C#, Java, Technical Writing & Editing, Visual Basic, Visual Basic.NET



SUMMARY: Multi-lingual, award-winning, Fortune 500, enterprise senior web developer/analyst with extensive Microsoft Technology, as well as, Java, experience, front end development, database connectivity, analysis, technical writing, multimedia, for financial annuities, general ledger, mortgage, communications, software and hardware industries. Highly-motivated, pro-active, self-starter, with strong inter-personal skills, works flexibly as hands-on lead, reporting team member, or alone; experienced in and full project life cycle development (SDLC) of object-oriented, client server, distributed applications, web-based systems, web services, web service consumers.

TECHNOLOGY: .NET, Access, ADO, ADO.NET, Adobe Acrobat, Apache Server, ASP, ASP.NET, awk, C#, C, CGI, CSS, ColdFusion, COM, CorelDraw, Crystal Reports, DCOM, Delphi, DHTML, DOS, Dreamweaver, Essbase, ERwin, Excel, Flash, FrameMaker, FrontPage, GIF Construction Set, HTML, IIS, Illustrator, Informix, J2EE, Java, JavaScript, JAXM, JAXR, JSP, Linux, MacOS, MS Office, MS Project, Notepad, Novell, OLAP, Oracle, PageMaker, Paint Shop Pro, Pascal, pcAnywhere, Perl, PhotoShop, PhotoStudio, PL/SQL, PowerPoint, QuarkXpress, Rational Rose (RUP), sed, sendmail, Servlets, SOAP, SQL NavigatorSQL Server, Sun ONE Studio, Sybase, Tomcat, troff, TS-SQL, UML, UNIX, VB.NET, VB for Applications, VBScript, vi, Vignette, Visio, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual InterDev, Visual Source Safe, Visual Studio.NET, Web Forms, WebSphere, Web Services, Web User Controls, Windows 95/NT/2000/2003/XP, Word, WordPerfect, WSH, XML, XPATH, XSL, XSL, XSLT.


2004 First National Corp. / Concord Financial Technologies, New York, New York
Revised & developed internet ecommerce debit card site, improving client relations, satisfaction and profits using ASP, Javascript, PhotoShop, SQL Navigator, Visual Studio, Visual SourceSafe, XML, XPATH, XSLT, XPATH:
Customized Certegy Gift Card and VisaBuxx sites for various banking institutions, increasing pool of users
Designed & coded system scripts, facilitating quick and accurate user and web administration, using VBScript and WSH.

2003-2004 Small Businesses / Private Clients, New York, New York
Developed .NET Portal and Reports Interfaces for private enterprise, using ADO.NET, ASP.NET, C#, Crystal Reports, CSS, DHTML, HTML, IIS, PhotoShop, SQL Server 2000, SOAP, XML, XSL, XSLT, VB.NET, Visual Studio.NET, Web Forms, Web Services and Web User Controls.
Developed Web Applications, Web Services and Web Service Consumers using J2EE, JAXM, JAXR, JSP, Servlets, Sun ONE Studio and XML.
Enhanced a multimedia Internet site, using DHTML, FTP, JavaScript, multimedia files and PhotoShop.
Trained development partner in Access, ASP, CSS, DHTML, Excel, GIF Construction Set, HTML, JavaScript, Paint Shop Pro, SQL Server 2000, Visual Basic and UML.

2002-2003 AIG SunAmerica, Los Angeles, California
Served as Team Lead, concept to completion, of high profile, Accolade-Winning, enterprise Internet re-design, enhancement and development, using: ADO, ASP, CSS, DHTML, DreamWeaver, Excel, Flash, HTML, JavaScript, PhotoShop, PowerPoint, SQL Server and Visual Source Safe to create user-friendly navigation and browser compatibility:
Conducted coordination sessions with Vice Presidents, Business Users, Directors, Network Engineers, QA, Developers and Analysts to gather and review requirements, feature requests, enhancements, and feedback for Internet re-design.
Developed graphics and code for Award-Winning company-wide intranet, using above tools.
Supported intranet, by extensive mentoring of novice web content managers and web developers from numerous internal departments, using pre-designed templates and customized user documentation.

2001-2002 Universal Studios Music Group, Los Angeles, California
Served as a Key Team Member in design, development and maintenance of high profile Accolade-Winning web-based application for creating, tracking, routing Online Travel Authorization Requests, using: ADO, ASP, CSS, DHTML, HTML, IIS, JavaScript, MTS, SQL Server, VBScript, Visual Basic and Visual Source Safe.
Created desktop testing application for code development, possible database architecture modifications and custom Active Server Component/COM (Visual Basic) object testing and modification.
Pro-actively proposed, designed and developed extensive interactive web-based reports to track approval processes and application usage, using SQL Server Stored Procedures.

1999 -2000 Time Warner (Warner Bros.), Los Angeles, California
Analyzed and maintained existing New International Television Distribution Intranet Site while designing, developing, prototyping and deploying next generation site, using Access, ColdFusion, CSS, DHTML, Excel, frames, HomeSite, JavaScript, password protection, pcAnywhere, PhotoStudio, PowerPoint, search, statistics, Sybase, treeviews, feedback, VB for Apps, Visio, WebSphere and XML.
Migrated intranet site from subsidiary site location (FrontPage Server) to Apache Server and then to IIS to implement NT Authentication / NTFS for Novell Netware Logins in an NT environment.

GMAC Residential Funding Company, Los Angeles, California
Served in dual capacity as Business Analyst and Business Technologist, designing and developing the User Interface for a Y2K-compliant intranet application, using Access, ADO, ASP, ERwin, HTML, JavaScript, Oracle, PL/SQL, VBScript, Visual C++ DCom Objects, Visual Source Safe and UML.
Originated extensive intranet/extranet for Investor Services Group, using comment forms, CorelDraw, Delphi, FrontPage, HTML, Java, VB for Applications, VBScript and Visual Basic.

1995- 1996 Intel, Inc., San Jose, California
Designed and created Intel web pages for Internet and intranets, using CGI, HTML, JavaScript and PhotoShop, then taught engineers and managers to update and create new web pages.
Wrote XOpen UNIX man pages for a group of leading engineers from AT&T, DEC, HP, IBM, Intel, Novell, SCO and SunSoft Microsystems using awk, grep, sed, sendmail, troff, UNIX and vi.

1995 N.E.T, Inc., San Jose, California
Created N.E.T. Support Web Page using Adobe Acrobat, FrameMaker, HTML and MacOS.


- 1995 StarSight Telecast, San Jose, California
Wrote Product Definitions and Users Guides using FrameMaker, Illustrator and QuarkXpress.
Hewlett-Packard, San Jose, California
Designed, wrote, edited and produced Online Networking Help System using proprietary software.
Arbor Software, San Jose, California
Rewrote and ensured technical accuracy of Essbase Manual using Word and PageMaker.
NYNEX Telecast, New York, New York
Project Managed 3 senior technical writers for revision 7 volume documentation set using MS Office.
United Nations, New York, New York
Designed and wrote 3 volume documentation set for Electoral Database System using WordPerfect.
Santa Cruz Operation (SCO), Santa Cruz, California
Customized SCO XENIX (UNIX for PCs) documentation for Federal Government, using troff and vi.
Wrote Release Notes for SCO documentation, including Basic, Informix-SQL and SCO FoxBASE.

EDUCATION Bachelors Degree: Political Theory and Foreign Languages (French, Spanish, and Russian), University of California, Santa Cruz
Computer Courses: Logic, Pascal, UNIX (4 years)
Post-Graduate Courses: .NET, C, Java, Perl, Technical Editing, Technical Writing, Visual Basic
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« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2004, 04:28:06 PM »

the bergen record has an online job site.

you could also use the common job search sites and pump out resume's.

oracle database work might suit you.

kurt (not an it carrer woman) :eek:

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