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Author Topic: Hello Ladies - Is anyone else in the same situation?  (Read 2375 times)
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« on: August 18, 2004, 07:01:52 AM »

Hello to all.

My situation is this:-

I'm study for IT certificates at home, whilst looking after a very young baby(16 mths)
I'm studying CIW Website Design Manager, which involves:

Is it really a possibility that I could be a 'work at home' Mom?

One the issue of experience, well, any ideas??
How would I set up a web hosting/design company; so that I can gain experience!

Come on Ladies, Please advise me.

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« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2004, 01:08:29 PM »

You haven't met Paisleyskye!:p

Here's her story:

You have my greatest regards for your courage!
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« Reply #2 on: October 16, 2004, 02:34:19 PM »

I've no doubt you will be able to if you get creative with your time and if you target clients carefully.
Because I have a full time job, I went after people who needed just a little site with very little updating and maintenence. Now that I'm being laid off in December, I can look for bigger things, but keep the little guys as my bread and butter.

Try to pick the times you can be busy - I know that is hard with a small child - and be very good about sticking to a schedule. It might mean working at crazy times. I know sometimes I am up at 3am uploading sites or designing logos because I do things when I have time.

Consider investing in a small laptop or very functional wifi/bluetooth PDA. I use my PDA to connect to my desktop at home with Gotomypc. It lets me use my whole desktop and any of the applications on it. Even though the screen is small, if I just need to change a piece of text on a site or a photo or maybe upload something, I can very easily as long as I have an ethernet, wifi connection or can do dial out with my cell.

My best use of time yet was completing a web page while downtown where they offer free wifi within range of a lunch spot while waiting to be called into jury duty. Your baby might enjoy a trip to the park and a laptop or PDA could be used while she enjoys the trip.

While I wait in line or do other routine tasks, I am either jotting down ideas, thinking how sites will work through or scouting for potential customers.  One customer I have now I happened to overhear complaining about having a crappy website with limited funds for a new one. I handed her my card so fast her head was spinning Smiley.

Speaking of cards, get biz cards made up as soon as possible and pass them out like crazy. Hand them to your nail tech, your dentist office, even your garbage man! One of my best customers got referred by the guy who empties trash in my office building.

As for experience, let your own website showcase your talent. You can even do sub-sites off of your own as designs. Once clever way is to create a site that offers  templates to others. You can design the templates, sell them for very little cash but because you will have so many, that will count as experience just visually. Each time someone buys one, bingo, theres your work in use and therefore some experience Smiley. Sneaky, but effective since you can just say to potential clients that your designs have been sold to ## number of people/businesses.

Good luck! Smiley
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