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Author Topic: Some MS Exchange 5.5 Real Exam Questionas  (Read 1473 times)
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« on: July 07, 2000, 07:50:00 PM »

Pass MS Exchange Server 5.5 today [7/07/00] -Read through all the question listed at the back of MCSE Exchange Server Study Guide 3rd Edition by Richard Easlick with James Chellis.  I had nearly 30 question from this book.

1   U have a distribution list with a large number of members. Whenever messages are sent to that distribution list the server experiences high CPU utilization.  What could u do to minimize the performance loss on your server.

a)   Remove all unnecessary address space from all recipients
b)   Move all members into their own recipients container
c)   Specify another server as the expansion server [Answer]

Server A   250 users   20 employee
Server B   250 users   0 users
How many CAL do u need?

Ans: 520

a.   Your network has hundreds of users.  U just installed MS Exchange Server on five Servers.  U Have also created an installation point on one of those server.  U would like client to connect to this server and perform an over the network installation. But u would like the client to have the option during their installation to select any of the five Exchange servers.  How would u do that?

Answer: configure separate shares for each server and set the default in DEFAULT.PRF accordingly.

4   Patty has a laptop computer that she uses both at the office and when out of office doing work.  Her laptop is configured with an OST file.  She routinely synchronizes her laptop computer with office server.  Patty has identified a public folder that she would like to designate as an offline, but she does not see the synchronization tab among the property pages of that public folder.  What does she have to do enable synchronization with that public folder?

Answer: Patty must designate the public folder as a Favourite folder

b.   Two organisations, Organisation A and B, need a long term coexistence strategy.  How could u all LDAP clients to connect to Organisation A and see the directories of both Organisation A and B?

Answer: select Organisation A as default LDAP referral for organisation A

5   Your company receives newsfeeds from Internet Service Provider [ISP]. U notice a folder within newsgroup hierarchy that u do not want to receive.  What must u do to permanently remove from the hierarchy? [Select 2]

a)   Rename the folder
b)   Exclude the folder from the newsfeed [answer]
c)   Clear the Folder Visible attribute
d)   Delete the folders through MS Outlook [answer- not sure]

6   U have just configure your exchange server for IMAP4 client access. IMAP4 client can be authenticate with either Basic [Clear Text], Windows NT Challenge/Response or Win NT Challenge/Response with SSL. U informed by admin of your firewall will allow traffic from SMTP [Port 25], IMAP4 [port 143, and HTTP [port 80].  What additional traffic must the firewall be configured to allow your Exchange server IMAP4 configuration to be used?

a)   IMAPS [993] [answer]
b)   HTTPS [443]
c)   NETBIOS [137]
d)   RPC Endmapper [135]

7   Changed password for the Site Service account in User Manager for Domain. When restarting Exchange, services failed. What must you do?
A. Designate new password in the site configuration properties.
B. Grant the service account right to log on locally. Restart computer.
C. Run Admin in Raw mode. Designate the service account again.
D. Enter the account name & password in the services file in %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc directory.

8   You want to take one of your Exchange Servers offline, but you do not want that procedure to generate an error to Server Monitor. What can you do to prevent an error message?

A. Pause Server Monitor.
B. Stop Server Monitor.
C. Admin with monitor suspension
D. Use the SHUTDOWN -NoError command.

5 done, 1 to go TCP/IP

Dipesh Virchand

D. Virchand
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2000, 11:13:00 PM »

Thanks for great post. More people should post questions like these.

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« Reply #2 on: July 10, 2000, 02:01:00 AM »

I'm taking the exam tomorrow.  I just wanted to make sure that your amswer on #6 was not suppose to be RPC Endmapper [135].  I think Sybex states this answer.  Your feedback is appreciated.  Thanks
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« Reply #3 on: July 10, 2000, 08:08:00 PM »

Answer A is correct for Qestion6 I have answered in the exam as is answered my book MCSE Exchange Server Study Guide 3rd Edition by Richard Easlick with James Chellis PAGE NO: 697 QUESTION 18.

FROM: Dipesh Virchand

D. Virchand
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