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Author Topic: Recover lost passwords with these tricks and tools (1)  (Read 2236 times)
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« on: April 22, 2003, 06:40:42 AM »

Hi PPL ;
i found a good article so i copy that and past it here . it 's not mine ..
read that and give me u comments .
i hope u like it
It recently occurred to me that hacking is one of the most misunderstood concepts in all of IT. When I tell friends or family that I have hacking experience, they always tell me that I'm going to get caught and go to prison. What most people don‘«÷t understand is that not only are there legal types of hacking, but that hacking is sometimes even necessary in the course of day-to-day IT operations.

Take password recovery for example. On more than one occasion, I‘«÷ve had someone pay me to hack his or her network because the IT guy quit and the new IT person has no idea what the Administrator password was. Here are several different techniques that you can use to either change or recover a lost password. Most of the techniques that I‘«÷ll show you involve using hacker tools and administrative utilities.

Using the system account to your advantage
If you‘«÷re running Windows NT 4.0, you can actually change any password, including the Administrator‘«÷s password, without using any tools at all. This technique exploits the system account. The system account is a built-in account that‘«÷s normally only used to run specific services. As you might guess, the system account has unlimited privileges. The trick is to make the system account work to your advantage.

Any time you log on to Windows NT 4.0, Windows runs the Spooler Service. Since the Spooler Service requires a lot of permissions, it's run by the system account, rather than running under the privileges of the user that‘«÷s logged in. Therefore, if you can trick the system into running User Manager instead of the Spooler Service, the User Manager will be running with all of the privileges of the system account. This gives you free rein over any user account on the system.

While it might sound tough to trick the system into running an alternate file, it really isn‘«÷t. Just log on to the machine using any known username and password. The account‘«÷s permissions are irrelevant at this point. Once you have logged on, rename the SPOOLSS.EXE file to SPOOLSS.BAK. Then, rename USRMGR.EXE to SPOOLSS.EXE. Reboot the system, and you‘«÷ll have unlimited access to the user accounts through the User Manager. Just don‘«÷t forget to rename the files back to their original names and reboot the system when you‘«÷re done.

ERD Commander
My all time favorite password utility is ERD Commander from Winternals Software. The idea behind ERD Commander is that you can boot the machine using a set of floppy disks or a CD. Rather than booting to Windows, you‘«÷re booting to the ERD Commander‘«÷s own operating system. By doing so, you have access to the system‘«÷s partitions, but Window‘«÷s security is not in effect. This gives you the freedom to do what needs to be done without any restrictions. ERD Commander allows you to reset the Administrator or any other password without having to be logged on to the system. All you need is physical access to the machine.

One of the things that I like so much about ERD Commander is that it‘«÷s based on the original Windows code. This means that if your hard disks are part of a RAID array, the utility will still recognize them in most cases. You can access and reset the Administrator password on a machine with almost any hardware configuration.

ERD Commander is available from Winternals for $399. ERD Commander is also included in the Administrators Pack, which includes even more cool utilities for $699.
To BE Continued 1/3
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