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1  Microsoft (MCSE, MCSD, MOUS, MCAD) / Server 2003 / i finally made it on: October 14, 2006, 01:21:11 AM

MCSE + security.

ISA 2004 exam before end of year.

I recently went on a course on ISA2006 and looking at the exam specs for ISA 2004, its 80% same. So its just a matter of getting my way around it.
2  Microsoft (MCSE, MCSD, MOUS, MCAD) / Server 2003 / i finally made it on: October 11, 2006, 06:18:35 AM
Wooohoo..  its been almost 2 years since i sat my first MS exam. Since then i've been working toward MCSE on server 2003 bumping into MCDBA on the way. I sat my final exam 298 today and made it. Working with server 2k3 at work helps a lot and it sort of becomes 2nd nature.

I used Syngress book on 298, In fact I used Syngress books for all except 294 and SQL exams.

Man ..  its finally over..   I just dont feel it yet.. perhaps its been a long time coming Smiley

Anyways, MCSE + Security is the next goal.

Havent searched but I really wanna get vertified for ISA2004-6, SMS and Exchange.   Will have to balance it out.

RHCE/ RHCT will have to wait for now and so will PMI.

3  General discussions / General Discussion / dmitro1 is back on: August 09, 2006, 05:27:14 AM
Well for the good of it - i hope.
Well people, dont be shy now.

Ask the authentic questions now Smiley
4  General discussions / General Discussion / What has happened??? on: August 09, 2006, 04:50:17 AM
well, so you are saying that you guys were mods withOUT the proper rights? that is NOT good, it IS the downfall of this once awesome forum Sad
5  General discussions / General Discussion / Creating forms for data analysis on: June 25, 2006, 12:38:13 AM
you need server side scripting for this.
Depending on what your budget is you can go for either PHP or ASP.Net .

Do you know anything about how a database / webserver works?

You need to implement a search functionality on the form. That would be your MySQL or SQL (depending you chose PHP or ASP.Net) code doing that for you.

6  General discussions / General Discussion / What has happened??? on: June 25, 2006, 12:32:30 AM
i know what you mean... its all fcked up now....    I've been here since old skool..    2000 or wasit 01 ..who cares.

MODS need to fckin wake up and do their moderation. Idiots.

and what the fck is with 180second wait after any post. Redardednesss.
7  General discussions / General Discussion / Network Set Up on: June 25, 2006, 12:28:11 AM
use windows SMS server, or Windows server 2003.

Enable offline files on the server.

Sit back and enjoy.
8  General discussions / General Discussion / Hello !! on: June 25, 2006, 12:24:32 AM
well, good luck....  but if prepared.. you dont need luck.
9  General discussions / General Discussion / MCSE CCNA or anything else... on: June 25, 2006, 12:20:52 AM
win98 ..   what century are you livin in?

Go back to your MBA.



Both are totally different.

MCSE is more Operating System focused and CCNA is networking.

CCNA is basics.. you will need experience to get anywhere near a decent job.

MCSE without experience is old woman without clothes.

If you wnna get into IT, you need experience as well as certs.

Bachelor of Computer Application!!!!   what do they teach you in that? If you have done programming then persue that instead.

in the end its up to you.

like I said, both certs are different and you need to decide what you want to do. Check the market, see where you can get work in, then go for gold.

10  General discussions / General Discussion / Really slow computer? on: June 25, 2006, 12:15:31 AM
those are system folders and you cannot remove them.

oneCare is a mofo on the CPU, it eats the cycles like anything. Uninstall it untill the product is realeased.

11  Microsoft (MCSE, MCSD, MOUS, MCAD) / SQL server exams / SQL 228 down on: October 14, 2005, 03:09:04 PM
228 down, 229 next :cool:
12  Microsoft (MCSE, MCSD, MOUS, MCAD) / Server 2003 / 70-290 exam time on: October 09, 2005, 12:18:22 AM
the actually exam that I sat was about 3hours. And then you get time for survey etc.
13  Microsoft (MCSE, MCSD, MOUS, MCAD) / SQL server exams / Minimum score for exam 70-228 on: October 09, 2005, 12:14:18 AM
What zoe44 said.

I should be sitting this one soon (ish)
14  General discussions / General Discussion / Way WAY too high gas prices on: August 27, 2005, 12:28:58 AM
About NZD $1.54 per litre in NewZealand for 96 Octane and NZD $1.49 per litre for 91 Octane.

1.54 NZD => 1.07045 USD

Its frekin insane!!!  Sad
15  General discussions / General Discussion / Profile Update on: August 26, 2005, 05:48:14 PM
oops..   darn it. You need to get more rights.

May be i should email the

wonder if he replies!!! or adds me to a spam db Smiley

thanks anyways.. sucks not to be able to update the profile.

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