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1  General discussions / Hardware / restore on: November 06, 2005, 11:37:23 AM
I did a system restore and managed to get the system back to display the screen on the other monitor ...

the laptop i have discovered is a desktnote a900 .. its quite oldish with a 73 processor + a 15gb HDD ... oldish..

i have tracked down the manual .. the laptop has brightness controls built into the keyboard .. i'm not sure if the screen would still be dark in the BIOS ..... but i will soon see i guess .. i just mailed him the instructions to check the brightness

does anyone have any ideas .. i read another post on another screen that said someones screen had gone white. . .and this meant the lcd panel had gone out .. this looks like the bulb in the lcd panel has gone, but i'm not an expert on how laptop displays actually work ....
2  General discussions / Hardware / serious multiscreen issues on: November 02, 2005, 01:39:10 PM

I am visiting my cousin in spain and was installing some messaging software on his PC when the main LCD panel went semi blank ...  i can just make out the screen barely .. .and i mean its really dark ...
we borrowed a spare tft monitor of someone and I got it to go multi monitor on bootup ... I was then playing about with the settings just to make sure the main LCD was broken, and I ticked a box in the display properties which  meant it would not go to the other screen ....

I can now access the laptop on the other screen in safe mode, or vga mode, but the multi monitor setup is no longer an option

i.e in start-settings-control panel-display and then conguration, i no longer have the 1 and 2 monitor representation, just one big monitor, so i can??t flick between monitors anymore, i also cannot untick the box i ticked,m i presume because its lost multimonitor as an option this is no longer visible ..

can anyone give me any ideas what to do in this situation .. all i need to be able to do is re-active the multiple monitor setup as it was when i first plugged in the new tft monitor

thanks anyone who can help
3  General discussions / Hardware / just bought MSI K7N2 DELTA motherboard and barton 2.8 processor on: March 15, 2004, 01:40:03 PM
I just bought MSI  K7N2 DELTA motherboard and barton 2.8 processor

Does anyone have any tips / inside knowledge about this motherboard and processor,  i  just put it together last night

4  General discussions / Hardware / 80gb hard drive on: February 27, 2004, 04:00:59 PM
so i actually have  74.4 of space, so i've really only lost just less than 2gb

well thats more re-assuring ...

5  General discussions / Hardware / 80gb hard drive on: February 27, 2004, 01:37:19 PM
i bought an 80gb seagate barracuda hdd yesterday and installed it

But it is only reading 74gb of active space ..

Is this a normal percentage of the drive to lose to pre -formatting


6  General discussions / General Discussion / Hard Drive Trouble on: February 27, 2004, 11:55:59 AM
i didn't know a lot about the recovery console, but i know fdisk wasn't an option on it, although fixmbr was ... however i got an alarming message about something permanent being done, if i tried this so i didn't, however i might now ...

i also bought an 80gb seagate barracuda drive last night and windows xp is only detecting 74gb of it, with the other 6gb having vanished, is this a normal percentage of a drive to lose in pre formatting Huh

does anyone know

thanks again
7  General discussions / General Discussion / HDD Failure on: February 26, 2004, 01:02:07 PM
Actually i don't think its anything to do with the video card, however theres no denying, the hdd did go down when i removed and replaced the graphics cards ...

My manager thinks, thinks one the read /write heads are out of alignment and he thinks if i give the hdd a shake, it might put them back into place ... crazy but possible

But possible .... what do we know we all work at I*M
8  General discussions / General Discussion / Hard Drive Trouble on: February 26, 2004, 04:58:55 AM

This is a bit of a wierd one, i recently sold a mate of mine a gforce 2mx graphics card, about three days later, his monitor went black and the card had stopped working, so i took it back of him and tried it in my pc .....

when i did this i also got no picture so took it back out again, and then windows xp pro would not load,

it got to the stage where it was just about to go the blue login screen and the hard drive would make three scratching noises and then give a blue screen of death for 2 secs and then a physical memory dump.

Luckily i had my drive partitioned into a 35gb and a 5gb, so i re-installed xp on the d drive and then was able to access my files i wanted on c:

However, subsequent attempts to format c: have failed, i have also run disk checks which do not report any problems, the format gets to 77% and then makes the scratching noises and then just carries on and leaves me lacking 5.76gb of space on my hard drive

I personally think my hard drive is corrupted, i have deleted all the files on c: , but there is 5.76gb unaccounted for and am unable to reclaim it ...

Does anyone have any Ideas

9  Microsoft (MCSE, MCSD, MOUS, MCAD) / Windows XP exams / Xp Mcdst on: February 03, 2004, 04:55:55 PM
Is there going to be a forum for the new xp mcdst exams, is anyone talking about them yet ...

I have earmarked these 2 exams for my next study path ....

i hear the books are coming out mid year, but you can sit the exam now ... is this true ?
10  General discussions / Hardware / DVD Writer issue on: November 08, 2003, 06:20:33 PM
i've just been reading a forum elsewhere that suggests i might have an IRQ confliction ... i am going to have a look now, but any ideas

please keep them coming
11  General discussions / Hardware / DVD Writer issue on: November 08, 2003, 06:09:18 PM
I have a new DVD writer .....

and i am having a problem with my pc rebooting itself spontaneously about 50% into copying some files .....

does anyone know anything about this ...

i am running a p1.1 ghz. 256mz ram, windows xp pro,a cd writer and a dvd writer in the same machine ... i have tried nero 6 and clone dvd with the same problem ...

i used to have the same problem using other versions of nero with my cd writer ...

does anyone have any ideas
12  CompTIA / i-NET+ / BACK TO STUDY on: October 01, 2003, 05:18:10 PM
Well thanks guys

sadly back to my next batch of study...

i'm just starting my next course in javascript through the open university

the english online degree system

thats my next three months taken over

see you again, in the mcsa forums sometime next year

13  CompTIA / i-NET+ / TAXATION on: September 14, 2003, 05:38:42 PM
When you sit these exams , you have to pay tax as well

it puts it up to ?170 ish for this exam

maybe its different in America

but here we get shafted
14  Microsoft (MCSE, MCSD, MOUS, MCAD) / MOS / re: MOS on: August 24, 2003, 01:51:00 PM
One advantage of MOS qualification in IT Helpdesk work ,and desktop support as well is that 40% of fixes on a helpdesk seem to be outlook related, and about 5% seem to be people who are having problems with word/excel etc ...... if you want an IT support job .... MOS certs can only be a good thing, along with experience of the job
15  CompTIA / i-NET+ / cost of comptia exams on: August 24, 2003, 01:30:12 PM
i thought i'd make a comment about the price of comptia exams ..... in England these exams have little value, my manager at a major IT company, dosen't even know what the I-NET is .... or the A+, Network+ ..

the microsoft exams cost about ?80 each, but the I-NET is ?171.00 ..... I personally only use comptia exams to build up vendor neutral knowledge, but begrudge paying these ridiculous amounts ..... maybe if i was in america these exams might have more value ....

I have sat my last comptia exam, until they get some value over here or they lower the prices

from what i've seen a  lot of jobs in the helpdesk industry seem to mention ms office support quite a lot so i am going to do my outlook MOS and word MOS, and then move back into the msce track ..

Good luck to you Americans who can actually do something with these comptia certs

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