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76  General discussions / General Discussion / Hallooooo? Anybody home? on: February 27, 2009, 11:54:30 AM
Thanks back atcha. There is a lot of work in rebuilding a site like this, but I believe it is worth the effort. Hopefully our English friend can tear himself away from the garage long enough to respond..Smiley
77  General discussions / General Discussion / Hallooooo? Anybody home? on: February 26, 2009, 11:48:02 AM
Dmitri sold Cert21, ExamNotes and We are currently working on cleaning up a lot of the junk, then we'll start freshening up the content. Meanwhile we are looking for people who are willing to be active in managing the site. I've chatted briefly with a couple of the old mods and some from other sites to get a team in to make things pop again.

We are also looking to either upgrade VBulletin or switch over to another forum tool.  

Re: Being a mod, send a PM to Enforcer and I'll chat with him about it
78  General discussions / General Discussion / Hallooooo? Anybody home? on: February 24, 2009, 06:13:13 PM
Ok, so I've been here throwing out two year old trash, weed eating the halls and blowing the dust out with my leaf blower...I see a few people dropping in for old times sake. Most of 'em seem to be dropping flowers off at the grave stone. I thought I'd say hi and let you know some changes are in the works, including new, updated content and free stuff, and see if I can elicit some comments on things we can do to breath a little life into this place.
79  Cisco / Cisco Qualified Specialist / ads and spam on: February 12, 2009, 03:59:26 PM
Posts like this are blatant adverts and will be removed.  I'd love to see some really useful dialogue regarding the CEH certs, but not spamming posts.

I took out the linkage and some repetitious verbiage, but left the core of this post in case others would like to discuss this cert in more detail
80  CompTIA / A+ forum / on: June 04, 2002, 11:08:48 AM
Funny how leaving out a simple S can change things!  Thanks, but the site is kinda cheesy, looks like another wannabe, and I personally don't want to rely on cheap info, my experience is it just ain't as good as the stuff you pay more for, to an extent.  Some of the training materials out there are ridiculous...did you know you can get LearnKey and that stuff for a LOT LESS than they retail it for?  First, look around...second, NEGOTIATE!!  IF they are selling a package for $2500, you can bet you can get them down to $1600, $ talks, BS walks...they don't want you to know that tho!  LOL!  Too bad!

BTW, can any one tell me what proctors (Prometric, VUE) they are taking these A+ tests at.  I'm thinking we can force them to provide clearer pictures, since there is a standard complaint about the poor quality.  After all, unless you been doin some serious party or aren't wearing your glasses (if you need them) a real motherboard isn't going to be blurry!

81  CompTIA / A+ forum / on: June 04, 2002, 10:40:25 AM
Tried to check the site out but kept getting a "Page can not be displayed error"
82  CompTIA / A+ forum / Mobo Pics on: May 23, 2002, 05:12:39 PM
I am assuming you mean motherboard pictures.  Let me ask you this question.  Have you ever seen a motherboard?  Because if you had it would have been easy to point out the IDE ports, Floppy drive ports, memory slots etc.  You can't expect to pass with out actually taking a computer apart and looking inside, at least you shouldn't.  After all, isn't that why you are taking the cert exams?  To work with computers?

I don't want to assume to much, and all the guys on the board seem to be a bit too nice for the question.  If it were a guy they'd crucify him.

You can find motherboards on the net, and if you do a bit of researching, you can find explanations and references as well.

I DO wish you good luck...but good studying makes more sense!
83  General discussions / Certifications and IT jobs/Salaries / Two year commitment on: May 23, 2002, 10:56:45 AM
I understand the comments from some of you who don't want to be "tied down" by signing a two year contract in exchange for training and education.  From an employers point of view, why would they want to spend money advancing your career if all you do is use it to go somewhere else.  If it isn't for you thats fine, but comments like "getting paid for what I am worth on the open market" makes me wonder why you are where you are at if you don't like it.  As a former recruiter I often found that many IT contractors and rabbits (hopping from one place to another) had an ego bigger than the state of fact it is fairly common place.  You forget that the ultimate relationship, whether personal or business, is a win-win.  That means BOTH parties get a positive result from the relationship.  Also, two years is not long if the education, training and/or certifications allow you to receive a substantial increase in earnings, even if you have to wait two years for it.  If it allows you to move from 60,000 to 70,000 two years that worth two years..or do you expect to get that kind of advancement because you are still there?
84  General discussions / General Discussion / Comptia Certs on: September 25, 2001, 09:46:46 AM
Comptia has risen over the last few years from an also-ran to a valuable cert program because what they do is cross-platform (or cross OS, or OS independant, choose the one that fits best for you) FOr example the Network plus, yes, it is introduction to Networking, but it isn't specific to NT like Networking Essentials was, it crosses the boundries for and is recognized by several network vendors as a cert.  It gives the individual a solid if basic understanding of various network topologies and is an excellent starting point for any NA wannabe or tech.  From there you can decide where you want to go, whether it is NT/2000, Novell, Cisco etc.  

Just mho
85  General discussions / General Discussion / Re:Is it to Late on: September 24, 2001, 03:51:10 PM
I agree with the comments from the previous posters.  It sounds like your biggest issue is experience.  IF it were me, I wouldn't waste a lot of time going to a school for months to get a certification.  If you are computer savvy, start off by getting a good Book and test prep software for your A+ certs, get a job as a bench tech.  IT isn't great but you should be able to find one.  Just be sure to get one where the company will pay for your training, and use that to get your Microsoft and or Cisco certifications.  You will have to deal with taking jobs that the "Flashy" guys won't take, but that doesn't mean the job sucks, it just doesn't have the glamor of the fancier jobs.  Your quality of work will determine how employable you are from there.
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