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1  General discussions / Hardware / Can't detect hdd on: January 10, 2007, 12:55:58 AM
saying in your post subject
"That's utter drivel."
I do believe that is slamming right off he bat it makes what ever you say a moot point.
another my latin is kinda like my german it isn't the greatest, I've forgotten most of both. and basicaly all of latin as I don't use it in daily taking, reading, or in bussiness. and two most of the time in forums web sites, people use and mean the slang term.
2  General discussions / Hardware / Can't detect hdd on: January 08, 2007, 01:12:39 AM
:eek: oh my god I mispelled a word and didn't spell check,you obviously got the meaning and understood it. I would be the first to admit my spelling plan XXX sucks always has always will although from time to time I try to improve and run or do spell checking but, but I'm human and sometimes forget. and I read your full post before replying. you give someone bullshit advice about cable postion on master slave relationship. then I point out thats wrong, but also point another possibility {because he did say adding a second hard drive set as slave}that does happen in the real world,even though you say you never ran into it ok what ever{ i can point out several people locally that had the exact same thing happen to them}[although I think it was just ATA(PATA) and not sure of SATA] going to have to try that out. then you wording tries to slam me. I point it out and defend what I said I slammed you by using your on title against you  :eek: . :eek:either I misunderstood your usage of [sic] modern usage [slang] not ancient latin.most likely the first was implied not acient latin. grow up _____.:p
3  General discussions / Hardware / your utter drivel on: January 07, 2007, 02:54:14 AM
well your sadly miss informed than because it happened on several different brand motherboards all with the latest bioses.and whats about a duel drive setup, its just a different way of duel booting and using all the hard drive space for one OS. and you shouldn't berate what you don't know or understand. you say you maintain computors for 23 years and never came across it, well I am not the only one who ever had that problem I know if a couple of people of hand locally that experienced the exact same thing with a duel drive duel boot setup using WD drives and another manufactures. both drives fuction pefectly alone, both reconized  right off. no matter where you put them, but put them together set the WD as slave, and then it doesn't show up in the bios(first ran into it on a Amptron PM598, then a ASUS k7M & a ASUS K7V I could go on ). but that was with ATA[PATA] haven't tried it with serial ATA[SATA].might have too try that one some day got two maxtor SATA drives now might have to get a WD sATA drive to see if it still the same. but you should try it before you berate because it true I've ran in it more than once with WD and other brand drive to be a coincidence. I consistently set up duel drive duel boot rigs not to mension serveral raid rigs how hmmm going to have to try a duel drive duel boot raid setup thats four drives +.I've done several linux + and Windows + and at one time I had a rig that did from NT 4.0 to XP pre service pack one. thats NT4.0 9X's 2K XP. and here you were telling the guy to set the master at the every end of the ata cable, and now you admit you were wrong on that've probably only used the same hard drives manufactures. when installing a second drive. but hey I get what I can get. if its on sale good great if its another brand o well so be it.
4  General discussions / Hardware / Disconnecting DVD Drive on: January 03, 2007, 12:18:15 AM
Are they scsi? if IDE only two drives per cable not three but like the other guy said if IDE check slave master settings on the drives,make sure bios detects hard drive and boot from hard drive is enabled. if Scsi also check drive setting should be a drive 1-4 setting on the back of early scsi drive make sure the drive is in the correct location on the cable to the coresponding pin setting.
5  General discussions / Hardware / Can't detect hdd on: January 03, 2007, 12:00:55 AM
gees it doesn't matter where you put the drives on the cable at all using master slave orientation. you can have the master in the middle and the slave at the end of the cable. it only matters if you you use cs cable select and you want a certain drive as the master. also are the drives from the same manufacture. and yes it does matter, some drives don't play nice with each other especially if your using a WD western Digital drive and another brand drive. WD drives don't like being the slave drive with other drives being set as the master and look as not attached when set as the slave(the WD drive) won't show up on the bios. but when reversed the WD drive as master and other brand as slave they both show up. odd but true did it with a 80gig WD and Maxtor set up. plus a WD and Seagate drive while setting up a couple of multi boot rigs. don't know about other combo's going to have to gather up a few drives and try out all the combo's sometime. but I do know from personal experience that if using WD and another brand drive, the WD needs to be the master to show up in the bios.learned the hard way when I did my first two duel boot computers using two seperate drives.
6  General discussions / Hardware / A little bit of help? on: June 26, 2005, 07:20:45 PM
first get cwshredder located here
it gets rid of the cool websearch which allows the porn sites to pop up even with pop up blockers installed
 download Avg or someother virus program
 download popup cop or someother pop up program
 save any and all info you want to keep to a disc dvd or cd
delete partion format harddrive then run a test program that writes 0's and 1's or your hard drive to test writing ability then delete partion again format again should be fairly clean after that.but it depends on how good of recovery program he uses too. think that the recommended process for government is to write over thriteen times .
7  General discussions / General Discussion / internet explorer page keep opening ? on: May 22, 2005, 04:55:59 PM
also I run adaware, pop-up cop all the time, and AVG 7. their is a free version of AVG 7 out as version 6 support was killed off by AVG.also its best to have several adware-spyware checkers and antivirus programs just don't run virus programs at the same time, they generally identify each other as a virus.
8  General discussions / General Discussion / internet explorer page keep opening ? on: May 22, 2005, 04:44:07 PM
download a program called cwshredder from another computor  the link should be
install it on your machine and run most likely got a trojan on your computor.but it would be helpful if you could've put your OS down.different OSes have different ways to mannually delete trojans. but cwsfredder work great just run it and it takes it out no extra steps necessary.most likely your IE-main-home page changed too to something like cool web search their the biggest culprit of this new trojan thats a pain in thee XXX to remove.if you miss just one part it can restore its self. also mannually change your IE home page to something else then run cwshredder again to make sure you got it all.

also looks like firefox got a few problems too found this on the web

Bad news for the other guys: For a change, the vulnerability news of the week didn't include Microsoft. Firefox users were advised by the Mozilla Foundation to turn off javascript in the browser until a fix is available. The news comes on the heels of an announcement that 50 million copies of the browser have been downloaded. It hasn't stopped Firefox's growth, apparently; eWeek reported that Firefox is now the favored browser for seven per cent of Internet users A patch for Firefox was released Thursday.
Meanwhile, up Highway 237 in Cupertino, Apple released a patch for iTunes that would allow an attacker to gain control of a computer running the software. The company also released patches for the Mac OS X v10.3.9 operating system just a few days after it released OS X v10.4.

now browsers really safe.just some are harder to crack
9  CompTIA / A+ forum / Passed A+ oficially A+ certified !! on: May 15, 2005, 06:42:21 PM
he forgot one
2) what will format a: /v:288 /s do?
b) create a bootdisk with a volume name 288

and  I think
5) what can be used to find the IP address in WINDOWS: NT, XT, 2000, and 98 (single answer!)
b) WINIPCFG works in 98 ME
10  CompTIA / A+ forum / Should I add more RAM? on: May 15, 2005, 06:31:02 PM
might want to check what all loads up at start up to, and only check wants actually necessary to run the machine  xp on boot up,with a virus  spyware checker and maybe firewall loading at bootup. that helps sped bootup times you'd be surprised at how many programs add app that load at bootup which all slow down your boot times. but go ahead and add more ram cann't hurt. And memory's cheap right now  think it use to be cheaper a while back.
11  General discussions / General Discussion / adwares on: May 15, 2005, 06:22:30 PM
First download all you can I run avg and adaware all the time the work great but some anti spyware and virus programs do identify each other as a virus.also look for a program called cwshedder incase you've already got a trojan on your computor.most virus programs won't remove certain torjan's but will identify them,and their a real pain in the XXX to remove mannually,then theirs the kind that if you miss just one piece of it it renews it self had one on ME that I'd removed mannually and it keep restoring its self because part of it was in the ME's system restore file.and cwshredder removals them all if I remember right. think this is its last link.

they mergered or got taken over by trend micro---pcpillen
12  General discussions / General Discussion / html form question on: May 15, 2005, 06:03:44 PM
13  CompTIA / A+ forum / I cannot download any files off the internet on: May 15, 2005, 05:46:59 PM
what norton did you install also did it include a firewall too.and diffently check your encryption level like supertech said.also try the  back step and sneak up on the page you need to download like supertech said too, it work for me one time on a ftp download site,also check for mirror sites,couldn't download on a ftp page once but was able to download on the ftp mirror site. and that a good question supertech why not install service pack 2.
14  General discussions / Hardware / Transfering Files on: April 25, 2005, 06:57:16 PM
in 9x you can direct connect to computors together using the modems also think it can be done using the printer ports.theirs a device I've seen made by belkin for transfering files through usb ports.I've down it over my wired and wireless net or use a one of three portable external hard drives one is a 3 1/2 250 gig hard drive. the other is a 60 gig 2 1/2 laptop hard drive. the last is a 4 gig protable pocket drive made by tiny drive.but I've also used floppies, cd-r-r/w's, and dvd-r-r/w's and +r+r/w's. theirs also jump drives and the iomega zip drives. guess it all really depends on what you've got available, and how big the files you what to transfer or share are or how long you what to store can also zip the files up using compression programs (winrar, winace, winzip,and a bunch of others.) to reduce the size of the files. then unzip them on the other computor.
15  General discussions / General Discussion / PC repair rates on: April 14, 2005, 02:00:42 AM
He is just a poopoo head though... doo-doo heads make more.
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