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1  General discussions / General Discussion / hows the recession affecting you? on: June 02, 2009, 05:50:04 PM
I had my performance review yesterday.  The VP of IT said that last year's raises and this year's raises haven't been as big as in previous years.  But I had an excellent review and I did get a raise.  The problem is that I set the bar so high to begin with that it's awfully hard to surpass it.  But the company knows I'll learn whatever it takes.
2  General discussions / General Discussion / XP to VISTA on: May 14, 2009, 01:47:11 PM
eventually we'll have to upgrade to SOMETHING, so we'll definitely have to examine how to protect us.
3  General discussions / General Discussion / hows the recession affecting you? on: May 14, 2009, 12:35:40 PM
Ignoring the last post.

I've been very fortunate.  I got laid off from my last job when I finished the job I was hired to do, a generous severance held me over till I landed this one.  I got the call on the last day of the severance package.  I drive about 50 miles one way, and it's been worth it even when gas was four bucks a gallon; somehow it just didn't hurt us that much.  My husband drives another 50 miles in his truck.  We each get about 22 mpg.  We're not making megabucks, but we're each the only one at our respective jobs who does what each of us does, so as long as we keep doing it well, we'll probably do okay.
4  General discussions / General Discussion / XP to VISTA on: May 14, 2009, 12:23:13 PM
Vista is a great OS but will never be able to overcome its bad start.  I need to look closer at 7 becasue we skipped Vista altogether except for the few of us who needed it for application testing.  UAC is a pain, and some apps that weren't written specifically for Vista just won't run under anything but admin, which isn't particularly new but Vista handles a lot of stuff a little more intricately than XP did.

I actually don't care if my OS "protects" me from myself; I'd rather do that for myself and let the OS do ITS thing.
5  General discussions / General Discussion / Internet Explorer 8 Released on: May 14, 2009, 11:49:01 AM
For the most part it's enough like IE7 that you won't see a lot of difference.  I've been using in on my work desktop but I'm getting rid of it because of compatibility issues with some websites.
6  CompTIA / Network+ / Tuesday Feb 19, 2008 on: February 19, 2008, 01:35:49 PM
GOT IT!!!  Not by a huge margin, but I got it.
7  CompTIA / Network+ / Tuesday Feb 19, 2008 on: February 15, 2008, 01:42:48 PM
That's make or break day.

Yes, folks, I finally scheduled my Net+ exam.  I'll be back on that day to share my misery--or my joy.
8  General discussions / General Discussion / Gas prices too HIGH!!!!!!!! on: May 24, 2007, 11:42:55 AM
My husband has been with the same company for more than 20 years--it's the only job he's ever had as an adult.  He'd have a difficult time if he lost his position for any reason.  But then he'd have a difficult time deciding to look for something different, as well.  I decided to change careers; I got tired of never getting to learn anything new at my job just because I was a secretary.  So I learned something new OFF the job and translated it into $10k more per year at a different company.  I finished the project I was hired to do at that one, got laid off for a month, and now I"m at a different company and got another raise.  I've already learned so much here, I've just about doubled my resume, and I've only been here a little over a month!  It's also really hard to think of what I do as work, because I enjoy it so much.  That 50-mile commute, though, that's the only thing that makes it less than perfect.

I've heard that Network+ is easier than A+, but then I heard that the operating system test was harder than the hardware test, adn I found them to be about equal.  And i really need to buckle down and get ready for that network+ test.  I'm behind schedule by a couple of years!
9  General discussions / General Discussion / Gas prices too HIGH!!!!!!!! on: May 23, 2007, 11:02:20 AM
I took both A+ exams on the same day, because I had studied hard for both parts at the same time.  My experience with computers hasn't been strictly hardware and strictly OS, it's been integrated, so my study was integrated.  If you're studying for Cisco exams, there is probably LOTS in A+ that you may have missed that would "fill in teh gaps" where you just can't figure out why something doesn't happen the way it should.

It's considered the entry level exam, but what it covers is so important and elemental that it can still prove beneficial at any stage of career, if you haven't gotten the material at some previous point.

Is it hard?  Depends.  I had to study, but I passed with great scores.  I still take lots of notes when I'm learning something that I'm giong to have to do later on my own.  You probably know most of the material if you've been in IT for a while, or you may find out you knew something WRONG. :eek: ANd if it was easy, my job would pay the same as my secretary's job did! Wink If you are at the entry of your career, it's a good one to get.  

I say GO FOR IT.  (study first)
10  General discussions / General Discussion / password changed, printer won't work on: May 23, 2007, 10:54:14 AM
I'm pretty sure that was it; all this was done before I got here so I can't ask, but that's what I figured out as well, when I went to uninstall/reinstall, when it got to the actual point of connecting to the printer and asked for a username and password, I used the admin login and password, so that should keep it from recurring.
11  General discussions / General Discussion / Gas prices too HIGH!!!!!!!! on: May 22, 2007, 04:05:49 PM
still not equal the depreciation hit that the original owner took!
12  General discussions / General Discussion / Gas prices too HIGH!!!!!!!! on: May 22, 2007, 11:49:28 AM
If you buy a used car you pay a lot less in taxes and none of it goes to the Fed gov't.  insurances is lower too on a used car.
13  General discussions / Certifications and IT jobs/Salaries / Certifications devalued? on: May 21, 2007, 12:51:44 PM
Originally posted by jackiechan
Let's face it if you are dark skinned, you are disadvantaged period. Also having an anglo saxon name like Richard the lionheart bumps you up the job queue than a name like Osama. Prejudice, discrimination exists even though it is unspoken. So what does one do? Give up living?

I live in the DEEEEEEEEP South, and we have a really diverse IT profession.   Diverse in ethnicity, diverse in gender (all three!), diverse in age, diverse in background, diverse in experience.  Minorities will be in the minority in IT because they're in the minority of population--that's probably not going to change, and it follows the natural order of things.  If 12% of your population is non-white, it follows that only 12% of your IT dept will be non-white.  If you have 10 people in your IT dept, that translates to 1 non-white person.  Those are just numbers I pulled out of the air, by the way, as an example. If a company receives 100 resumes for one position, around here, anyway, they feel really fortunate.  And our experience has shown that someone with a non-traditional, non-european name is NOT going to be preferred out of hand, because our profession has broad appeal across racial, gender, and age lines.  By the time someone figures out what it takes to work in our field, they've got to get some training or experience somehow.  Jackie Chan would be likely, in my area, to get interviewed before Joe Smith.  Why?  Because Jackie Chan's heritage would have instilled in him a strong work ethic.  Joe Smith's heritage would have been what Americans have experienced over the past couple of decades; life hasn't been too bad, we haven't been called on to really make any significant sacrifices as a nation, we've gotten used to having what we want or at least being able to get it eventually.  I have a friend who has a business and he hires LEGAL immigrant labor--and I stress LEGAL, because he goes to great lengths to make sure of it--because they WORK.  His business entails a lot of hard physical labor and the labor force around here won't do it; not "won't do it for what he'll pay," but WON'T DO IT period.  Those that do complain all the time.  The fellas he hires from central america work all the time, are extremely loyal to him, are in church every sunday, are good neighbors, would be good citizens.  

So maybe ethnic Americans still have a lot to prove, and that's not the way it should be.  PRogress has been made, but it's been slow.  HOwever, the slow progress tends to keep, and the gains achieved with the "shock therapy" approach doesn't last.  Women in general have made great gains in IT, but still only making about 92% of the salaries of their male counterparts. still, that's a smaller gap than just about any other profession.  I haven't seen any salary reports regarding ethnic differences in IT, I'd be interested in seeing one if anyone has a link.
14  General discussions / General Discussion / Gas prices too HIGH!!!!!!!! on: May 21, 2007, 12:30:24 PM
I think, also that they use those "could go up as high as" numbers to scare us, and to make us grateful to pay $3/gallon.

Talked to hubby yesterday about the prospect of buyign an econobox.  Now it's all down to finding the right one.  Gonna be used, tiny, and a great buy.  Something we can pay cash for.  At current prices, it'd pay for itself in about two years if it gets 35-40 mpg, if we keep the price between $3k and 5K.  But then, I drive 100 miles five days a week and he drives 100 more.  He's got a little 4-cyl truck and teh difference in what we spend for gas is amazing.
15  General discussions / General Discussion / password changed, printer won't work on: May 18, 2007, 03:34:59 PM
It used to be a good place for it.  Icertify is down, I've been allover the web.  anyway, I've got a solutin, but not a permanent one.
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