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1  Cisco / CCNP / seeking advise??? on: October 04, 2003, 07:46:17 PM
Right !!

I swear on both cisco press and lammle. As it had been said Sybex for introduction and cisco press for prepair.

Sybex is great because of it`s chapter reviews and labs. It`s also easy to read and a good way to get a complete survey. After you read Sybex turn to cisco press and study into deep. If you have finish this both I can reccomand the "crash-test" series from marks and technicks. This books cover all points for the exam in short overview.So you can easily find which chapters you should work trough again. Anyway there are also other books as crash test on the market. Important is just to not use a "braindump" or "skills beeing measured" book, they are more worst than they help you because in the most case they give you wrong information, cut information you really need in practise and are just made to earn money and to put a customer through an exam with a 100% rate. So they are --> complete nonsense (anyway thats another topic I don`t want to discuss here).

I think der aren`t sybex available for the new exams at this time. Beware of buying the right cisco press books !!! They cover ther new added topics like IS-IS and so on.

Hope I could help
Sorry for my bad english
Correct me if I`m wrong
2  Cisco / CCNP / Need connection advice on: October 04, 2003, 07:34:01 PM
Yes thats the best way. I`ve bought one too. But the problem with this adapters is the virtual comport is simmulates in the hyperterminal. So its evertime an other one if you start it. If you have more than one device it could be really annouing. But I found a real good solution to this problem.

I bought a Comswitchbox they are quite cheap about 10$ my one has 8 comports. On all 8 Comports i fixed so called "genderchanger" (all together about 10) and on every genderchander I fixed one com to rj45 (all together about 15$) adapter from a simple consolen kit.
On the ourput prt I fixed the usb to com adapter(15$). I put the whole thing in an empty 19" (20$)case and mounted it. Now I just need to screw the wheel on the switchbox and have the device I want on my hyperterminal.
So if I want to take some practiselessons I take my notebook, put it on the top of my rack, connect one cable to my notebook and everthing works great. It spares a lot of time and work and costs about 60$. Anyway ....

May I could help you a bit
3  Cisco / CCNP / Catalytst 5000 right device for ccnp study ? on: September 05, 2003, 03:23:59 AM
Hi Thanks for the advice.

I allready have 4 Cisco 2500.
(2501/2503/2504/2513 each Full loaded)
And 1x 4000M+ with NP-4t for framerelay Labs.

Well than I`ll buy 2x 2924 XL EN
And thats all I need, to cover all 4 exams ? Somebody told me to buy a ISDN Sim too. Now my question is this sim really so important ?
4  Cisco / CCNP / Catalytst 5000 right device for ccnp study ? on: September 02, 2003, 08:01:20 PM
OK I`m able to get a WS-C5000 with suporvisor II and 4 12x 10/100 blades inc. 2 Powersupplies.

Is this device the right one for Multilayerswitching and fit all ccnp labs?

I would also buy a 1924 en or a 2924 en.

This both devices (5000 full loaded + 1924 en or 2924 en)must be enough for CCNP or ?

I must know it, because I would pay 780$ for the Cat 5000. Wrong Unit and I can shoot myself :-)Because I would have no money to buy another unit from this priceclass.

please answer me and thanks in advanced
5  Cisco / CCNP / T-King 640-901 BSCI V.3.1b on: August 27, 2003, 10:56:10 AM
Jep so it is!!
Even if you have passed the exam without at least 5 hours a week practical skilltraining on the learned topics you won`t be able to remember the most stuff after 5 years.

If you use braindumps ore what ever I think you can`t remember 1 year later the most staff.

Secound thing is the most people forget that also the learned skill they are not mentioned in the "Skills beeing measured" section are important !!!!

At least talk to an it manager in a big enterprise. He will tell you that he tests every ccnp/ccie/mcse/mcdba/rhcd etc......
He will give you some tasks and you have to do them and you have to do them well.

For instance one of this guys said I have to shadow the wireless lan clients over the ms.sms.server..... I said that i have no plan to do this I`m just an mcse and I never visitied a training about sms. He just lought and said " That`s not my problem you wan`t this job"

So if you wan`t to dump u up have fun you will fail in future and just make rich companys like cisco richer :-)

Anyway if you have an exam like an ms. design exam talk an old  old braindump print some pages just look what the exam is like, throw it away after. You know what it will look like and thats the important thing not to know what it exactly look like.... Telle me where is the fun and the kick to sit infront an exam and know what questions are comming. A kind boring isn`t it?
6  Cisco / CCNP / about salary ? on: August 27, 2003, 10:38:04 AM
Anyway. I agree with most of you. But I don`t think a high certificationlevel is allways a reason to earn lot of money and to get fast a good job. I was also blind worked over 8 month to gain my mcse. Complete on my own and just out of books. It was damm hard because even the books were too expensive for me, and for my practical skills I went to my school over night and didi my labs on the schoolcomps. Anyway than I tried to find a job. Guess I didn`t found one. Because the most companies in Austria said "To overqualified we just need a simple system operator for 2 Printservers..... we are sorry we will call u if we need a mcse for our network" ANd the funyiest thing is, you can even say I want to work as a sysop. for the 2 Printserver and they will say also no. A manager told me this is the result of arogant professionals who always tell everybody that they are underpayed and the company where they are working is bad....
So I think you won`t earn a lot at the beginning. Maybe later when the company where you working at, know that you are a real professional.

But a lot of certifications can boost up your application and so maybe bring u on the top and give you a good chance to come into a company.
7  Cisco / CCNP / 2501 Vs 4500M Modular Router, Which is better? on: August 26, 2003, 07:24:54 AM
You are wellcome
8  Cisco / CCNP / 2501 Vs 4500M Modular Router, Which is better? on: August 25, 2003, 09:46:45 PM
Hmmm I don`t know I just asked the same Question and wait for an answer.

An old certfriend ment I just need 4x 25xx Routers and 2x 29xx Catlyst Switches.
The 25xx there schould 2 have ISDN because for the last exam Suppport he ment I need a ISDN Sim.

So I asked above if 2 19xx Catalyst will fit too for a ccnp lab.

By the way if you want a cheap lab buy following devices

2x 2504                  (both 300ΤιΌ)
2x 2501                  (both 400ΤιΌ)
2x 1950                  (both 300ΤιΌ)
5x DTE/DCE Crossover     (all  160ΤιΌ)
6x Consolen Kid          (all  120ΤιΌ)

So all in all it comes to 1280ΤιΌ thats a quite cheap and i think enough for ccnp skill training. Thats all you need I think.
But I can`t promise it.

I know it look quite much but i saved money for one year and u will see one pice after another comes.

First you just need 2 routers for ccna. Than you need best 4 routers for routing exam 1/4 CCNP. Than u need 2 more switches for switching exam 2/4 than u best need a ISDN Sim. for remote access 3/4 and for Support exam u allready have all u need :-)

Look the 2504 are token ring routers. Thats the reason why they are so cheap. But this doesnt matter because this routers have a ISDN BRI interface for ISDN and so u have 2 Pices of them (between this Bri Interfaces comes than later the ISDN SIM.) and they have 2x Serial Ports. Great more u don`t need at first.

The both 2501 routers are Token ethernet Routers they are cheap too because theay have no ISDN BIR Interface like 2503 but who cares we allready have them in the 2504. Your lab looks than like this


Ethernet on the bottom and top. Between it doesn`t matter because there we communicate Serial.

At least you get 2 Switches 19xx they have only 10 MBit and 2 Ports with 100 MBit. Best you get 2 1912 with 12 Ports. They are cheaper and its only a testlab so why we need spees and lots of ports ? Ok 10 Ports for devices like comps and 2 Ports for ISL Trunking or short V-Lan Configuration.
Than your Lab looks like this


Finished !!! And if u have a lot of money left u can buy an ISDN sim and hang it between the booth 2504 devices.
Ahhh by the way watch out the 25xx should have 16 MB Flash and 16 DRam it`s called
25xx (16/16) or 25xx ***full loaded***
If a router is cheap and not full loaded don`t worry buy it Ram and Flash aren`t expansive. Best is you buy only full loaded or only normal. Because if u have 4 pices of normal loaded routers it`s much cheaper to buy 4x max Flash and Ram :-)

Ok thats all.... If I`m wrong or anybody has a better solutuion please post it !!!!
9  Cisco / CCNP / 2501 Vs 4500M Modular Router, Which is better? on: August 25, 2003, 06:58:43 PM

If you need a router just for playing with ist and try some configuration on it take the 2501 and pay a max. 210 $ for it.
If you want a router for a homelab you can take the 2501 too but you have to expand Flash and DRam on max (16/16).

Better choice for this case would be the 4500. Its a Modular Router. A great thing. You can swap the pices in the slots like u need it for your practise. The configuration of your mentioned 4500 is quite good. The Moduls are ok you have one free slot left (isdn would be a good choice. 4500 has a fast processor and you can also expand Ram and Flash but you haven`t to. The Ram and Falsh in it is enough for IOS 12.xx and so you have a good practice operating System.

The 4500er has only one disadvantage.
It is really big and extream loud and heavy. I swapt my old 4000er for a 2503 because I don`t have the space for this big thing :-)

Ahh the price pay a maximum of 350 - 400$ for it.

Thats all hope i was some help :-)
10  Cisco / CCNP / Homelab pls. help !!! on: August 25, 2003, 06:46:25 PM
Hi all

I`ve a little problem concerning my homelab.
I knew I want to be an CCNP the first time started to learn for my CCNA Exam. I worked some month and spent my money for

1x2501    (16/16) (IOS 12T)
1x2504    (16/16) (IOS 12T)
1x2513    (16/16) (IOS 12T)
1x4000M+  (08/16) (IOS 11x)

I also allready have 6 Crossover (DTE/DCE) Cables.

Now I want to finish my Lab for fitting CCNP standard. Some people have told me I should buy 2 Switches for V-Lan building.

Now here is my question. I don`t need the best Switches, because I have less money.

Can I reach all main objectives for ccnp with my old equiptment + 2 Catalyst 19xx Switches ?? Or do I need 2 Catalyst 29xx for reaching a lab to practise CCNP Skills ??

Its very important for me because there would be a different of I think 400$ between 19xx und 29xx and the 19xx are much easyer to get.

So pls give me advice. You are the professionals.

Thanks in advantage sorry for my mistakes, I`m comming from austria and german is my main language.
11  CompTIA / A+ forum / A+ What have changed since 2000 ? on: November 28, 2002, 02:27:39 PM
Ok thanks for your advices.

I made a mistake the sybex book is from year 2001 and it covers (OS Side)

short Win3.x
short WinNTx
middel Win2k /Win2k Server
lot Win98

I think I won`t have a problem if there are more question about Win2k or Xp

Thanks for your help
12  CompTIA / A+ forum / A+ What have changed since 2000 ? on: November 27, 2002, 06:58:44 PM
Hi all

I have spezially weaks in Hardware foundamentals, not the hardware itself but the english lanuage makes my life hard, because I`m comming from Austria and there we speak german.

However, since Cisco I love to work with Sybex Study Guides, they are really good !!!
I got one for A+.
It covers the HArdware and the Softwarepart of the A+ Exam, but it is from year 2000.
Can I use to learn or isn`t this studyguide up to date for the exam ? I`mean does the studyguide from 2000 covers alls skills beeing measured by the exam?

I hope anybody can help me because I want start next week with A+

Thanks in advanced
13  Microsoft (MCSE, MCSD, MOUS, MCAD) / 70-219 / Lexy?? on: August 16, 2002, 12:34:03 PM
Sure you will pass this with easy....
Hold on my notes and it will be no problem I think so.

U asked me in a other thread if I`m braking.

From generelly certhunt. No I passed 4 exams in 2 month and now currently walking on ccna.

From the 70-219 exam. Yes I have took a brake twice. But I spent it in the lobby where the testingcenter guys could see me and so if something goes wrong they can diskuss this with vue or ms.
Better you ask them before how to break, they will tell you. They said to me ms had planed a brak in within the test and thats the reason why it is so long time to finish him.
14  Microsoft (MCSE, MCSD, MOUS, MCAD) / 70-219 / Passed it today on: August 15, 2002, 10:08:45 PM
Hehehe nerver seen this advertisment. Comming from austria maybe the advertisment doesn`t exists here, or it`s because I never take a seminar in an atec center.
However, if somebody have a link to some advertisment for mcse pls. post it. I`m very interessted, because I think it`s not easy to make an advertisment for such an thing :-)

ps. Yes when I look backwards it was quite fun and a nice time I`ve spend for it.
But I rember when I sit in my lifingromm, it was 3:20 am and it was my 26 hour I`m awayk and learnd AD, and I thought "Why the hell I`m doing this, I must be sick"
Butt after i passed 70-217 everything was forgotten so it always is every exam and afterwards it was a nice journy :-)
15  Cisco / CCNA / Is this router good to learn for ccna ? on: August 14, 2002, 07:46:42 PM
I just finished mcse and now concentrating on ciscos ccna. Now I have seen on ebay an auktion from a typ who lifes in my near. He offers an

Cisco Router 2501
Artikelnummer 2045350497

for 260$

Now my question is, does I really need them for ccna to practis ?

Is this typ ok to practise or is it the wrong one.

Is the price ok for or to high

Thanks in advanced
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