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1  Microsoft (MCSE, MCSD, MOUS, MCAD) / 70-240 / ahhhh on: February 06, 2002, 10:21:46 AM
ahhh yes the quiet after the storm.Smiley
2  Microsoft (MCSE, MCSD, MOUS, MCAD) / Windows 2000 track general / News: No more MS exam Scores on: January 04, 2002, 05:37:17 PM
Originally posted by Kasor
It doesn't matter what MS change.



I agree.  Having your score posted next to the min pass score is an added bonus.  

The only thing that really matters is whether you passed or failed.

MS is simple taking away the bonus.

Kinda like what my job did this past Christmas. Cheesy
3  Microsoft (MCSE, MCSD, MOUS, MCAD) / MCSE elective exams / Re: 70-222 Migrating from WinNT4 to Win2K on: July 31, 2001, 10:24:42 AM
Originally posted by MnMurphy
Not a whole lot on this subject here.
Is this elective gonna help me in the long run?
My school thought this was worthwhile.:rolleyes:

I think this would be a great exam to take for those of us who are upgrading there nt4 certs to w2k certs.Smiley
4  Microsoft (MCSE, MCSD, MOUS, MCAD) / 70-088 / Re: Well Done on: July 24, 2001, 11:24:27 AM
Originally posted by CampbellD
Hi acoopmcp,

Well Done, I am studing for proxy at the moment, i did Exchange about 3 weeks ago and have also passed the 4 Core NT exams, Proxy will be my last for MCSE.  Also getting ready for Accelerated.

What study guides/books did you use.  I'm currently reading the Documentation which is on the Proxy CD Rom.

What is going to be the final exam for you Huh

I used the sybex proxy server book and the exam cram along with numerous practice exams.  My final exam will be the exchange server 5.5 exam for MSCE nt4.  I stalled in my reading a bit but plan to finish my reading by this weekend.
5  Microsoft (MCSE, MCSD, MOUS, MCAD) / 70-088 / Passed on: June 26, 2001, 07:44:54 AM
I passed it!!!!  It wasn't as bad as I thought but it still was challenging.  One more to go for MCSE NT4. Then on to the accelerated exam. Cheesy
6  Microsoft (MCSE, MCSD, MOUS, MCAD) / 70-088 / Taking it today!! on: June 25, 2001, 11:07:00 AM
O.K. here we go.  I've put off this exam long enough.  I started studying for it a year ago and my reading since has been sporatic at best.  It wasn't until last month or so I finally decided to finish studying and get this thing done and out of my way.  Although I feel pretty confident going in, I'm looking to you guys for some added encouragement.

Thanks in advance,
7  Microsoft (MCSE, MCSD, MOUS, MCAD) / 70-081 Exchange 5.5 / Hope this helps on: June 07, 2001, 08:22:14 AM
I'm taking this exam at the end of July.  I've heard from some that it's kind of tough and others have said that it was no problem.  You should try to get as much hands on experience as possible.  If you can't work with the actual product then the CBT's should be an ok substitute.

Something I do is take the practice exams until I'm up around 90% consistently.

I've heard from others and also read in MCP Magazine that transcenders are some of the best practice exams out there.

Hope that helps.
acoopmcp  Smiley
8  Microsoft (MCSE, MCSD, MOUS, MCAD) / 70-240 / need help on: June 07, 2001, 08:02:52 AM
Mabe this will help as well.  I'll use myself as an example.  Here's my list of exams in order for me to be MCSE 2000.  I've done the core for MCSE NT4 so:
240, 220, 70-081, and 70-088.

If I don't pass the 240 exam (cross your fingers:D ), then my exams will be:

210, 215, 216, 217, 220, 70-081, and 70-088.

Just as an aside.  I think the migrating exam(70-222) would be a good thing to put on my resume so I'll probably take that one as well.

Hope that helps.  Smiley
9  Microsoft (MCSE, MCSD, MOUS, MCAD) / Windows 2000 track general / Anybody know what this is? on: June 07, 2001, 07:44:41 AM
Originally posted by Trouble Man
Yeah, I agree.  I got hit with Sub7Server.  It's gone now, it was only on about a month.
Thanks for the links.  Also check out

That's a naste little trojan ain't it?Cheesy

Do you run any anti-virus protection?  It sounds like if you do than this should have been caught.
10  Microsoft (MCSE, MCSD, MOUS, MCAD) / Windows 2000 track general / WIN2K Exams on: June 06, 2001, 12:46:34 PM
Originally posted by freak

What a delightful idea!...

"Boot Camp in paradise" where do I sign up? Cheesy
11  Microsoft (MCSE, MCSD, MOUS, MCAD) / 70-088 / suggestion on: June 06, 2001, 10:58:15 AM
Originally posted by aardvark
Hi there

Can you help me with suggestions for study material with this one? What are the best books etc.?



Deciding what's best for you will be up to you to decide.  I personally have used Sybex supplemented with Exam Cram and any practice test I could find.  I started with Sybex because it was the recommend book for one of my certification classes.  I passed the exam for that class so I've stuck with Sybex ever since.  

Now that I do a lot of studying on my own, I tend to not rely on just one source for my information.  After reading a 500+ page study guide, I like to visit sites like this one which help me to understand the material more through exam notes, practice test, and forums.  Besides,  It's good to know that there are others out there who are going through the same thing that you are.

I would suggest reading exerpts from some of the books out there to get a feel for some of the many writing styles of authors.  When you find one that writes in such a way that you can understand and enjoy reading go for it.

Good luck!:)
12  Microsoft (MCSE, MCSD, MOUS, MCAD) / Windows 2000 track general / W2k Admin Project #1 on: June 05, 2001, 01:44:18 PM
Originally posted by TW2001
How can a company/organization afford not to?

If they are under attack the loss of data and time to correct the problems would be/is far more expensive than implementing virus protection.

There is no choice as to whether or not to implement  virus protection!

Now security issues are another issue. Learn to build a firewall/Proxy. There are plenty of free resources available for that.Its effiency/protection that it provides is up to the admin configuring it.

Also with a proxy you'll be able to add virus protection as well with an add-on module. The money they would save from not having individual ISP accounts would more than pay for a proxy server/firewall with an anti-virus add-on.
13  Microsoft (MCSE, MCSD, MOUS, MCAD) / 70-081 Exchange 5.5 / Re: link for eval version on: June 05, 2001, 01:11:01 PM
Originally posted by Zontar
Here's the link. (Got it from a prior
post -takes you to a ZDnet site, but it

take care

The link doesn't work. I read that the evals of exchange have all expired any way.  Does any one know if this is true?
14  Microsoft (MCSE, MCSD, MOUS, MCAD) / 70-081 Exchange 5.5 / Exchange Server 5.5 software on: June 05, 2001, 01:05:18 PM
Originally posted by acoopmcp
I think has it for about $1000+.  Smiley

The eval is nowhere to be found.  I'm looking for it myself. Sad
15  Microsoft (MCSE, MCSD, MOUS, MCAD) / Windows 2000 track general / how does this make you feel? on: June 05, 2001, 12:04:50 AM

For some reason the 'automatically parse URLs' function does not work correctly in the forums.  Try to copy and paste the following it should be OK.
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