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Title: Why is every one so scared?
Post by: TechFreak on October 04, 2002, 08:33:43 AM

 I am currently working on this exam and so far what i have read in the ms press book is simple  review of things you have learned in the core section of the win2k  track. the only thing new so far is the information about clustering,NLB,and proper placement and usage of servers and what not . i plan to knock this test out bye the end of this month. and so far all is going well for me .

I am really curious why people want to avoid this one saying that it is to hard  dosent seem hard to me .  I could be wong though never know . i have only this test and my one last electlve exam left for my MCSE  it is kind of scary seeming like the only one taking this test . But i know i will make it . if anyone has any other comments  let me know .. i know of some good sources for study matrial over this exam ..

cach you all laters