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Title: HELP !!! pls
Post by: Asmodeus on July 16, 2002, 11:16:58 PM
I have a big problem now....
in the last 5 weeks i passed 70-216 and 70-217... So i think it`s the best way to du 70-218 and 70-219 in the next time because these exams go hand in hand.

Ok and here is my problem after 70-210 and 70-215 I studied really hard but I fail 2 times 70-088 in a row ok it was fals from me to make a cert which is an high level core I mean i don`t know engouh about things like wins, dns and ports etc. and these things are important to pass 70-088 I reached a hig score it must be only 2 question to low to pass. Now I want to try it again but my problem is now following This cert WONT`T exist in future microsoft says.... does anybody knows how long this core exist anymore??? Maybe I`ll do 70-088 before 70-219 if it is necersarry so pls post me you oppinion about this....
However thanks a lot for your comment`s

Title: HELP !!! pls
Post by: Enforcer on July 17, 2002, 05:26:39 AM
I'm doing 70-088 to complete my MCSE track on NT4, it is not a core subject but an elective. I think to pass it you need to have done a lot of NT4 work and if possible actually have a Proxy Server set to get hands on. I have set up a Proxy Server at home which makes things easier to understand.

as you are doing the w2k track it might be better to do the ISA Server which is replacing Proxy

Title: End for 70-088 ....
Post by: wbafrank on July 17, 2002, 06:47:31 AM
According to this link 70-088 is not due to be retired until 30 Jun 03 so you have plenty of time to complete it:


Title: HELP !!! pls
Post by: Asmodeus on July 17, 2002, 01:34:21 PM
thanks for this quick replay you guys are faster than microsoft...


The problem is I alrready has two exams tried on this core and I fail 2 times, but it was damm near 1 ore 2 questions more and I would have the exam today. I`m 19 years old and have no job just go to school. This whole cert hunting is on my own hand and very expansive. I have the books for Proxyserver an some 3 rd Party books as reading review and it`s the cheapest way to do this cert to finish mcse track.

I`ll buy the prepare questions from cert 21.com and than I`ll trie it again.

However I`m very angry because I havent passed it and now I will show those people who think it`s to hard for me.....

If somebody knows better and cheap prepares exept cert21.com PLS. post it.

However MCSE is my dream because I wan`t to show my whole friends that a quite "nomral" 19 year old buy who visits school is able to gain an MCSE. Because 99% resign, before they allready starting and say that`s just something for professionals and we have no chance to gain such an titel. I will motivate them and show them that it is possiel. I hope It will work 3 cores left to sweet MCSE and this monday 22.07.2002 I will take exam 70 - 218 and if I pass it nobody can stop me because it wuold be the 5 core without trainer and without cheatsheets I did on my own hand. I`m very proud of that.
Sorry that I`m talking so much about me and my plans and oppinions, but I have nobody else who cares about this....