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Title: Welcome to MCAD forum
Post by: Webmaster on April 12, 2002, 11:44:02 AM
We have just added the first MCAD exam notes for exam 70-305 and also added this forum to discuss this new certification.

Here are some link to get you started:

MCAD introduction (http://www.examnotes.net/?action=examen&testid=MCAD)

70-305 exam notes (http://www.examnotes.com/forums/default.php?action=test&testid=MCAD&examid=132&work=notes)

Enjoy and let's get this forum started!

Title: Welcome to MCAD forum
Post by: The VMS Kid on April 12, 2002, 11:45:43 AM
Hmmm, this is the first that I have heard of it.

Title: Beta, beta, beta
Post by: hard_coder on April 15, 2002, 02:29:16 PM
I recently took the beta exam for one of the MCAD tests (70-306 : Beta is 71-316). It was lengthy, wordy and veddy, veddy thricky. So for those of you wanting to get a jump and start studying now - my suggestion is to follow these steps:
1. Go to Microsoft's site and print out the objectives.
2. Since the test I took was VB .Net, I purchased a book from WROX titled "Professional VB .Net" - ISBN 1861004974. I sat down and on the printout, put chapter numbers beside the objectives for the test.
3. I installed .Net (IDE and framework) at home. I have also been working on a project with .Net here at work - so I get double doses of training. Go through all the exercises as you read the selected chapters in the book. You can just read through the chapters, but trust me, DO THE EXERCISES!!!
I went into the test with a broad range of topics floatin' through my noggin' and when I left, I felt that this knowledge was well gained. Almost every topic in the book was used directly or was needed to solve problems in questions that related to the topic. For the objectives that had very little in the book or I felt was not suffice information, I used the MSDN Library for .Net to read up on and review examples of code.

Title: Beta exams
Post by: vax on April 16, 2002, 08:57:01 PM
Dear MCSD's! Who took exams 31-306 or 31-316.
Do you know exam results (pass or failed) and where and how you know it?
Best regards!

Title: Welcome to MCAD forum
Post by: PrimeC on April 29, 2002, 06:01:19 PM
Just Wanted to thank hard_coder for you very good advice, it sound like a viable approach.

I switched from the MCSD track to the new MCAD and will take the first exam for my elective credit -for SQL Server 2000 -in two weeks. I purchased a cd from a friend with many many .NET pdf books versions to use as reference (it was worth it). But I was planning by the (yet unpublished) Microsoft Press preparation books specifically for the VB exams (saw them on Amazon). I will post when I get them if I find them useful.

Title: How can I taste the Beta Test of MCAD?
Post by: PeterDotNet on May 13, 2002, 02:05:10 PM
Hi, it's my first time to register and use this Web site. I would like to know how can I try the Beta test of the MCAD certificate? I'm MCP too, while I heard that this Beta test is available to some selected MCP only. Is it true and how can I become one of the Beta tester?