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Title: Books Trade/Swap
Post by: DVirchand on January 12, 2002, 03:46:17 PM
I have following ebooks and pdf which i can trade/swap if you can offer me ISA Server 2000, Exchange 2000 exam 70-224/225 or Proxy Server 2.0, Novell CNE 5, Checkpoint or Citrix, CIW designer  ebook or Pdf books.

My stuffs
ΤΗσ   Cisco CCNA 2.0 by Sybex
ΤΗσ   MCSE Windows 2000 Core with TCP/IP Study Guides by New Riders
ΤΗσ   MCSE Accelerated Windows 2000 Study Guide by Sybex
ΤΗσ   Sybex Microsoft Exchange 5.5 Study Guide.
ΤΗσ   Microsoft MCSE Windows 2000 Training Kits
ΤΗσ   Microsoft MCSE 70-222 Upgrading to Windows 2000 Training Kit
ΤΗσ   Resourse Kits CD - NT4, Windows 2000 Server & Professional, Exchange 5.5, Backoffice 4.5, etc]
ΤΗσ   Microsoft SQL 7 Implementation Training Kit
ΤΗσ   Microsoft SQL System Administration Training Kit
ΤΗσ   SMS 2.0 Resource Guide - Microsoft SNA Server 4.0 Resource Guide - Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Resource Guide - Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Resource Guide

contact me dipesh_virchand@hotmail.com