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Title: Careless Prometric
Post by: YOUNGMCSE on December 31, 2001, 06:22:22 PM
Hello guyz...

Please advice me... whos responsible for it..
i registered in my prometric center for mcse upgrade exam.. i was studying for it for about more then a month day and night...
on the final day i.e on the 31st when i reached the prometric.. the people there said that they dont have any exam for me in their DATABASE !! i had registered for the exam on 28th of dec...

i talked to them for an hour ... they said that it is not their fault...
Plz tell me.. now what i should do.. The last date has gone.. i am totally broken now... i prepared very hard for it and now i didnt get a chance.. the prometrice people say they will talk to the head and arrange my exam after 31st.. is it possible..

Title: Careless Prometric
Post by: Paisleyskye on December 31, 2001, 06:26:34 PM
This happened to a few other people too.  If you call Microsoft today, they will give you three free vouchers for the separate exams.

Title: Careless Prometric
Post by: ping on December 31, 2001, 06:29:14 PM
If MS allow it, it is possible. Maybe your scheduled time is near the end time cut-off date for clearing their database I guess. Your case is exception, it is their faults but you should also not appointment too late like that in the future expire, anything can happen you know (snow, storms, etc..). Anyway, next time remember to book earlier by few hours to save grace. Well, Good luck, buddy! Let us know results okay? Bye

Title: Ms Ask Me to Mail Thomson
Post by: YOUNGMCSE on January 01, 2002, 05:59:45 AM
Hey paisley ... !!
I mailed MS regarding this problem... thay r asking me to contact thomson prometric !!
Wat should i do now !

Title: Prometric hassles
Post by: dkdjb on January 01, 2002, 06:22:43 AM
Hang in there . Prometric did something similar to me I booked the 240 exam for 9.00am on the 31st at a local testing centre a few months back. Just before Chrissy I thought I'd better check to make sure the place had my booking. They didn't because they had decided to be closed on the 31st.
I rang prometric and hassled them about it and they promised to get back to me and surprisly they did and arranged for me to take the exam in another testing centre on the 31st.

End result though I failed the thing. Anyone know if the individual exams are pretty well the same sort of questions as the 240 exam.

Hope it all works out for you.

Title: Careless Prometric
Post by: Paisleyskye on January 02, 2002, 12:14:39 AM
Call Prometric.  When you call, be very stern in the fact that you are unhappy because there is no way to make up this exam because the last day to write it was yesterday and that you were booked for the exam but Prometric messed up.

Tell Prometric that you called Microsoft and Microsoft told you to call them.  Insist that this is an outrage and an injustice and that you won't rest until you get free vouchers for at least three exams.

Then if Prometric tells you to call Microsoft call them and tell them how upset you are.

I know other people that this happened too and they wound up getting free vouchers for three exams.  Microsoft tried to only offer them two vouchers but they were persistent until Microsoft offered them three vouchers.

Title: Careless Prometric
Post by: nde on January 02, 2002, 01:11:29 PM
Paiseleyskye is right.  I read couple message boards and people were claiming that they received 4 free vouchers from Microsoft.

I wish I could have read that message before I took my exam.  Here's my story.

I scheduled my exam with Prometric like early June to have my exam taken on Dec 26.  

On the night of Dec 24, Prometric called saying the testing center I'm taking my exam decided to take the holiday off.  After spending 2 hours on the phone searching for a testing center, I finally found one like 1.5 hours away from my office.  The rest of the centers were full or closed.  I scheduled my exam on Dec 31.  

Thanks to Prometric........  I cut my vacation SHORT.  I was very disappointed.

Title: Careless Prometric
Post by: ping on January 03, 2002, 10:55:37 AM
4 free vouchers is even BETTER than one lump-sum 240 exam, EASIER to pass, SLOWER time to pass (or was there a time limit on these special retake vouchers??), and LESS nervous, MORE surely 100% to pass, and DEFINITELY we can see each score to pass to improve! Now why don't we all think of it carefully before and just pretend booking at the last minute like that, they might give us all of us here 4 free vouchers too like him I think. Then all of us can pass, 240 is  a nightmare to all of us really. Oh well,... too late guys, I didn't think MS people are such generous people anyway for special cause!

Post by: YOUNGMCSE on January 08, 2002, 07:39:59 AM
Hello all...

I mailed th ms people as said by Paisleyskye
but they are asking me to contact the prometric... when i contacetd the prometric by mail... they r not replying my mail...

Plz help me out of this situation..


Title: Careless Prometric
Post by: Gareth Leung on January 08, 2002, 10:15:35 AM
Call them by phone.

Title: Careless Prometric
Post by: dek on January 09, 2002, 02:04:47 AM
I used to work at a testing center and it was very common for people NOT to have their tests in the database.  Do the people on the other side of the phone sound particularly bright to you?  If you phoned it in it was more than likely human err. Another reason might be that your credit card did not go through.  This was another common reason. On the positive side the people who complained always got a free voucher, but you would be better off phoning.

good luck