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Title: Which are the hottest certs now a days?
Post by: helper on June 09, 2015, 01:05:26 PM
I came across this link (title says "Best IT Certifications For 2015"):

http://www.tomsitpro.com/articles/best-it-certifications,1-1352.html (http://www.tomsitpro.com/articles/best-it-certifications,1-1352.html)

Very interesting article, and provides top certs in the following areas (the list is very long!):

1. Big Data Certifications   
2. Business Continuity & DR Certifications   
3. Cloud IT Certifications   
4. Computer Forensics Certifications   
5. Computer Hardware Certifications   
6. Computer Networking Certifications   
7. Data Center Certifications   
8. Database Certifications   
9. Enterprise Architect Certifications   
10. Healthcare IT Certifications   
11. Help Desk Certifications   
12. Information Security Certifications   
13. IT Governance Certifications   
14. IT Trainer Certifications
15. Linux Certifications
16. Mobility Certifications
17. Programming Certifications
18. Project Management Certifications
19. Storage Certifications
20. System Administrator Certifications
21. Telecommunications Certifications
22. Unified Communications Certifications
23. Virtualization Certifications
24. VoIP & Telephony Certifications
25. Web Certifications
26. Wireless Networking Certifications

There are about 26 certification streams mentioned in the article. Like to know the opinion of the members on the article, as it appears that certifications are there to stay for a long time to come. Also, any cert stream has been omitted  that should have been included in the above list?