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Title: CEH courses
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The organizations are now becoming conscious of the increasing cyber crimes and want to apply every possible measure to counter the same. One such threat that they regularly face is that of Hacking. It has become quite essential for the firms to protect their systems and networks from malicious hackers who can destroy the networks and steal confidential data.

To protect and secure the systems, the services of a CEH is highly recommended. A CEH can try and penetrate the systems to discover any loopholes in the network through which hackers can sneak in. The CEH Courses are highly essential for IT managers and decision makers. The CEH Training Course guides participants through the process of scanning, testing, hacking, and securing their own systems.

Title: ads and spam
Post by: ben_ice on February 12, 2009, 03:59:26 PM
Posts like this are blatant adverts and will be removed.  I'd love to see some really useful dialogue regarding the CEH certs, but not spamming posts.

I took out the linkage and some repetitious verbiage, but left the core of this post in case others would like to discuss this cert in more detail

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