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Title: Can't detect hdd
Post by: avjam on December 11, 2006, 11:35:46 AM
i can't set my bios to detect a second hard drive set at slave.......i put AUTO on the thing but it's not detecting it.HELP//

Title: Can't detect hdd
Post by: Spid on December 11, 2006, 12:25:51 PM
Double check your jumper on the "slave" drive.  Also check to make sure the jumper on the first/master drive is set to master and not single.

Double check your cables.

If you are still having problems, test it out as a master/single on the secondary IDE channel.

If still having problems, the drive may be dead.

Take your time, double check your work, procedurally eliminate the variables that could be causing the problem.


Title: Can't detect hdd
Post by: avjam on December 11, 2006, 12:31:18 PM
it might be dead indeed cuz i did what u sed, changed jumpers, checked cable ect.
., i took off the 1st drive but same prob.

a message came up saying there's an error with the drive.

gonna check it on another motherboard,........

Title: Can't detect hdd
Post by: dyckhs on December 24, 2006, 10:02:40 PM
If you use AUTO you need that set on both drives.

You also need to put the master drive at the end of the ribbon cable - or put it another way, the slave needs to be between the mobo and the master drive.

But if it is dead as a master on its own, then I guess it's dead :)

Title: Can't detect hdd
Post by: kilz on January 03, 2007, 12:00:55 AM
gees it doesn't matter where you put the drives on the cable at all using master slave orientation. you can have the master in the middle and the slave at the end of the cable. it only matters if you you use cs cable select and you want a certain drive as the master. also are the drives from the same manufacture. and yes it does matter, some drives don't play nice with each other especially if your using a WD western Digital drive and another brand drive. WD drives don't like being the slave drive with other drives being set as the master and look as not attached when set as the slave(the WD drive) won't show up on the bios. but when reversed the WD drive as master and other brand as slave they both show up. odd but true did it with a 80gig WD and Maxtor set up. plus a WD and Seagate drive while setting up a couple of multi boot rigs. don't know about other combo's going to have to gather up a few drives and try out all the combo's sometime. but I do know from personal experience that if using WD and another brand drive, the WD needs to be the master to show up in the bios.learned the hard way when I did my first two duel boot computers using two seperate drives.

Title: Can't detect hdd
Post by: dyckhs on January 03, 2007, 01:34:40 AM
That's utter drivel. :p

You are right in that the drive positioning is really only needed for when using Cable Select (CS) - however I said this so as to make it easy on oneself should they then go CS. Might as well start off as one means to go on.

But if you are saying that WD drives HAVE to be master when in a duel drive setup, then that is just so wrong.

OK, I'll accept that your personal experience has led you to that conclusion but to put it out as if it's gospel is just so wrong.

I would suggest if anything your BIOS is out of date and requires an update if that is your experience or you have another problem. In 23yrs of maintaining computer equipment I have never experienced the problem you describe with any WD nor any other make of hard drive.


Title: your utter drivel
Post by: kilz on January 07, 2007, 02:54:14 AM
well your sadly miss informed than because it happened on several different brand motherboards all with the latest bioses.and whats about a duel drive setup, its just a different way of duel booting and using all the hard drive space for one OS. and you shouldn't berate what you don't know or understand. you say you maintain computors for 23 years and never came across it, well I am not the only one who ever had that problem I know if a couple of people of hand locally that experienced the exact same thing with a duel drive duel boot setup using WD drives and another manufactures. both drives fuction pefectly alone, both reconized  right off. no matter where you put them, but put them together set the WD as slave, and then it doesn't show up in the bios(first ran into it on a Amptron PM598, then a ASUS k7M & a ASUS K7V I could go on ). but that was with ATA[PATA] haven't tried it with serial ATA[SATA].might have too try that one some day got two maxtor SATA drives now might have to get a WD sATA drive to see if it still the same. but you should try it before you berate because it true I've ran in it more than once with WD and other brand drive to be a coincidence. I consistently set up duel drive duel boot rigs not to mension serveral raid rigs how hmmm going to have to try a duel drive duel boot raid setup thats four drives +.I've done several linux + and Windows + and at one time I had a rig that did from NT 4.0 to XP pre service pack one. thats NT4.0 9X's 2K XP. and here you were telling the guy to set the master at the every end of the ata cable, and now you admit you were wrong on that one.you've probably only used the same hard drives manufactures. when installing a second drive. but hey I get what I can get. if its on sale good great if its another brand o well so be it.

Title: Can't detect hdd
Post by: dyckhs on January 07, 2007, 04:17:15 AM
I was going to reply in a similar vein but you are obviously someone who doesn't read other peoples posts fully first before jumping down the throats .... and I neither need, nor do I have to justify myself to you.

Instead, let me point just point you at these three pages:

sic = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sic

Duel = http://www.thefreedictionary.com/duel

Dual = http://www.thefreedictionary.com/dual

Title: Can't detect hdd
Post by: kilz on January 08, 2007, 01:12:39 AM
:eek: oh my god I mispelled a word and didn't spell check,you obviously got the meaning and understood it. I would be the first to admit my spelling plan XXX sucks always has always will although from time to time I try to improve and run or do spell checking but, but I'm human and sometimes forget. and I read your full post before replying. you give someone bullshit advice about cable postion on master slave relationship. then I point out thats wrong, but also point another possibility {because he did say adding a second hard drive set as slave}that does happen in the real world,even though you say you never ran into it ok what ever{ i can point out several people locally that had the exact same thing happen to them}[although I think it was just ATA(PATA) and not sure of SATA] going to have to try that out. then you wording tries to slam me. I point it out and defend what I said I slammed you by using your on title against you  :eek: . :eek:either I misunderstood your usage of [sic] modern usage [slang] not ancient latin.most likely the first was implied not acient latin. grow up _____.:p

Title: Can't detect hdd
Post by: dyckhs on January 08, 2007, 03:21:36 AM
I didn't post BS advice. I admit I posted incomplete advice. BUT THEN I SAID THAT.

At no point have I "slammed" you. Instead I pointed out my usage of sic (why would you presume it was slang) and then added in definitions for words. If that's slamming you back, well then I apologise as it was never that.

The thread is there for all to see and reach their own conclusions. As I said previously, I don't need to justify myself and I won't be indulging in any personal attacks.

Title: Can't detect hdd
Post by: WaldoIsHere on January 08, 2007, 03:47:52 PM

a good old fashioned examnotes fight!!!  brings one back to the days of sexy lexy, dmaftei, curious george, et al....

Title: Can't detect hdd
Post by: dyckhs on January 08, 2007, 11:21:02 PM
you must be seeing things - there's no fighting from this side of the fence :D

Title: Can't detect hdd
Post by: kilz on January 10, 2007, 12:55:58 AM
saying in your post subject
"That's utter drivel."
I do believe that is slamming right off he bat it makes what ever you say a moot point.
another my latin is kinda like my german it isn't the greatest, I've forgotten most of both. and basicaly all of latin as I don't use it in daily taking, reading, or in bussiness. and two most of the time in forums web sites, people use and mean the slang term.