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Title: Disconnecting DVD Drive
Post by: Momo80 on July 07, 2006, 11:57:50 AM
I have been trying to disconnect a faulty and noisy DVD drive from my computer (O.P Window 2000) but without success. I have used Add/Remove Hardware in the Control Panel to uninstall/unplug the device, and then disconnected the power cable and the interface (data) cable, which are feeding the drive. I turned the computer on but did not boot up. I connected only the data cable to the back of the drive and again the computer did not boot up.

The interface cable is connecting the hard drive, CD drive, and DVD drive.

Any ideas??  
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Title: Disconnecting DVD Drive
Post by: namrak on July 21, 2006, 07:40:51 PM
Two things off the top of my head that you could check into.

1) in the BIOS, check your boot order and make sure your boot hard drive is detected and selected before the disabled DVD drive

2) in some cases, if you simply unplugged the drive but did not change your jumper settings your PC will not boot properly

if drive was set to Master w/ Slave Present (the BIOS will expect to see a Slave present). You may need to set the jumper to Single or Master setting.

Hope this helps...

Title: Disconnecting DVD Drive
Post by: kilz on January 03, 2007, 12:18:15 AM
Are they scsi? if IDE only two drives per cable not three but like the other guy said if IDE check slave master settings on the drives,make sure bios detects hard drive and boot from hard drive is enabled. if Scsi also check drive setting should be a drive 1-4 setting on the back of early scsi drive make sure the drive is in the correct location on the cable to the coresponding pin setting.

Title: Dis-connecting Drive
Post by: ccomputers on March 23, 2007, 05:48:45 PM
Both suggestions seem sound, from a Scsi standpoint, I dont think it would stop the system from booting unless the DVD is the Terminating Device.

From reading the post, I would guess IDE anyway and just some confusion over what is plugged were.

In terms of the Hard Drive, set it to CS and see if the machines boots then, if it does, you can mess around with the jumpers on the drive, till you get it right, or simply dont put anything else on the same channel, and the CS will work.

You dont mention replacing the DVD-Rom, but a good rule of thumb if you are, is whatever the jumpers are set to on the original drive, set the new drive exactly the same and it should work.

Good Luck :)