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Title: serious multiscreen issues
Post by: jaffas21 on November 02, 2005, 01:39:10 PM

I am visiting my cousin in spain and was installing some messaging software on his PC when the main LCD panel went semi blank ...  i can just make out the screen barely .. .and i mean its really dark ...
we borrowed a spare tft monitor of someone and I got it to go multi monitor on bootup ... I was then playing about with the settings just to make sure the main LCD was broken, and I ticked a box in the display properties which  meant it would not go to the other screen ....

I can now access the laptop on the other screen in safe mode, or vga mode, but the multi monitor setup is no longer an option

i.e in start-settings-control panel-display and then conguration, i no longer have the 1 and 2 monitor representation, just one big monitor, so i can??t flick between monitors anymore, i also cannot untick the box i ticked,m i presume because its lost multimonitor as an option this is no longer visible ..

can anyone give me any ideas what to do in this situation .. all i need to be able to do is re-active the multiple monitor setup as it was when i first plugged in the new tft monitor

thanks anyone who can help

Title: restore
Post by: jaffas21 on November 06, 2005, 11:37:23 AM
I did a system restore and managed to get the system back to display the screen on the other monitor ...

the laptop i have discovered is a desktnote a900 .. its quite oldish with a 73 processor + a 15gb HDD ... oldish..

i have tracked down the manual .. the laptop has brightness controls built into the keyboard .. i'm not sure if the screen would still be dark in the BIOS ..... but i will soon see i guess .. i just mailed him the instructions to check the brightness

does anyone have any ideas .. i read another post on another screen that said someones screen had gone white. . .and this meant the lcd panel had gone out .. this looks like the bulb in the lcd panel has gone, but i'm not an expert on how laptop displays actually work ....

Title: serious multiscreen issues
Post by: Gundyman on May 08, 2006, 05:34:34 AM
U want multiple screen with a laptop and LCD monitor? It will not work.

U can connect two LCDs and I guarantee it work for few clicks.

Title: Monitor
Post by: ccomputers on January 21, 2007, 01:54:56 PM

You can get dual monitors to work on laptops, giving dual desktops, but only on the newer units.  

It is acctually a function of the video card rather than the monitor.

With older Laptop units you can have a dual display (Same Screen on both), and in some instances an extended desktop, but Gundyman is correct, its a pain to get it working and keep it working.

Good Luck