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Title: A mighty close run thing, but ....
Post by: jks100 on August 13, 2004, 02:59:53 PM
... a pass is a pass!

Well, I just finished this and after 4 hrs in front of a screen I've got a pounding headache. But I'm now an MCSE, so I've only time for a few quick notes before I have to go out and get very, very drunk!

My first surprise was that the pass mark was 700 - not the 550 mentioned on earlier threads. It was the 4 case study format though - I think they were called Parnell, Blue Sky Airlines, State University and Hanson Brothers. There were a lot (maybe 10 - 12) Build-a-tree type questions, and it's worth noting you lose marks for placing a wrong item in the tree. Download and look over the Transcender Demo (http://www.transcender.com/products/productlist.aspx?tab=td) to get a really good feel for the format.

I found this a tough exam, and I don't think either of the main books I used (the Sybex and the Microsoft Press ones) were particularly good preparations. If I was doing it again I'd make sure I had more practice doing on-screen case studies.

Good luck to anyone lining themselves up to take this exam. For me its time to take a break from Microsoft exams and have a look at Cisco. Does anyone have a feel for how difficult the combined 640-801 exam is compared to those in MCSE?

Now, about that drink ....