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Title: Need Active Directory Help !!
Post by: dessaix on April 03, 2004, 02:00:27 AM
I am currently reading the Sybex study guide for 214 and goign through some of the exercises on my AD lab but i changed something and now im stuck !  

problem: I can't access, set or change any group policy because i don't have sufficient permissions

after troubleshooting for sometime I am almost sure that it is because of my computer login name. When i was goignt through those exercises I changed the administrator username to somehtign else on the security options of the Local policies. Now i made sure on every little thing that i had unchecked the "Define this .." for the modify administrator username check box
but i still cannot log on using my original username. the only username i can log on is still the one i had set/modified and removed (or thought I did). Ive searched everything and i still can't resolove the issue

is there a restore default option i can set to rectify this ? (i am still somewhat new to AD) any suggestions?:rolleyes: