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Title: ISA Server network access
Post by: druid_ro on November 21, 2003, 05:54:05 AM
Configuration 2 domains

internal domain with internal ips
external domain with public ips

Domains in same forest, external domain as root of forest

After installing, configuring, updating ISA Server on a w2003 server and hardening the server using dedicated role I'm having trouble accessing the network. :

1.I can only access the DC in windows explorer
2. Computers in wxternal domain generate network path not found
3. computers in internal domain : account is not authorized to log in fro this workstation

This is true for access by IP, FQDN or netbios name.

Although net view list correctly all the computers in both domain.

I have no trouble with acces on workstations, just the server.

Any ideas?