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Title: Isa -70-227-news
Post by: cvjetko on August 24, 2003, 11:57:11 AM
HI Guys relay I like your stuff in all especially The Printable text in each section
I going to print all of them and read twice before taking the exam.
You know that is Helpful every thing additional reading to better understand stuff.
I have only small suggestion of my friends and visitor this Page,
1-Please update information about short exam info expls.
 **70-227 has 65 Question and passing score is 700, I Passed this exam at Friday
And the VUE administrator give to me my score 793 with a full section printed
Record what I Assume that is new by Microsoft‘«™
When I got more time I‘«÷m going to attach some nice stuff and correct many your small mistake in some MS exams.
Best wishes‘«™‘«™Viktor,

Title: Isa -70-227-news
Post by: Barko on September 02, 2003, 12:59:12 PM
Congrats Viktor,

I will taking 227 This wed. Appreciate any tips you have to pass along. Thyen after, I will also contribute what I can.